Speed awareness campaigner Coyote is launching a road safety initiative in support of the nation’s truck drivers that helps protect lives, licences and livelihoods. Coyote

Coyote, manufacturers of the Mini Coyote V2 speed camera alert device, says that too many HGV drivers are put under pressure from their car-driving cousins, whose ignorance of HGV speed limits, frayed tempers and dangerous overtaking moves put road safety at risk.

While many drivers appreciate that HGVs travel at lower speeds on motorways, where restricted lane usage keeps them out of the path of quicker vehicles, the same tolerance is not always extended to trucks travelling on A and B roads. Here, drivers caught behind a slower moving HGV can often be tempted into a risky overtaking manoeuvre, rather than wait for a safer opportunity to pass – putting their own and other road users’ lives at risk.

For truck drivers, who rely on a clean licence to keep their jobs, this pressure to increase their speed from selfish drivers following behind could lead to a momentary loss of concentration that results in a career-threatening speeding ticket.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Cobra UK – distributors of the Mini Coyote V2 – said: “Motorists often don’t realise that HGVs are limited by law to 40mph when driving on single lane roads – even though in some cases a car could be allowed to travel at the national speed limit of 60mph.

“However, it’s these same truckers that ensure the country runs smoothly, delivering everything from a superbly stocked supermarket to a fully fuelled filling station. It’s time car drivers remembered that they are not the kings of the road and instead put more energy into journey planning to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely.”

Mini Coyote, the latest speed camera alert system, launched to the UK market in November 2010, alerts users in real time to fixed and mobile speed cameras and SPECS-monitored average speed camera zones, such as those typically found in roadworks. Its unique ‘community’ facility also allows users to alert each other to the location of mobile speed cameras at the touch of a button. It also warns drivers of variations in speed limits on all roads across 28 European countries, as well as warning drivers of high risk and congestion charge zones and issuing incident alerts. The device already has 800,000 community members across Europe and this figure is growing rapidly.