Operators can take comprehensive control of their fleet with integrated software solutions from transport industry software specialists Road Tech, writes Editor Joe Wyatt

A Grade II listed country manor in the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside is perhaps not exactly where you would expect to find the headquarters of one of the most innovative transport industry software developers in the UK. Shenley Hall, located in the humble village of Shenley, is home to Road Tech, a provider of one of the most advanced suites of transport management and compliance software available for our industry today. Available in either modular form or as an entire suite, the platforms offered include Tachomaster for tachograph analysis; PreDrive for checking, recording and reporting walkaround vehicle checks; Roadrunner, for real-time transport management; Checkmaster, for instant driver licence checking; and Falcon Tracking, for dynamic telematics and vehicle tracking. These innovative tools, backed up by Road Tech’s more than 30 years of industry experience, have provided operators with an array of data-driven productivity enhancements and transformed commercial transport as we know it.

Record and report walkaround vehicle checks with PreDrive
Daily walkaround vehicle checks are essential in maintaining high standards in maintenance, safety and compliance. PreDrive from Road Tech allows drivers and operators to keep detailed records of these checks and identify any damage or issues that can then be swiftly rectified. Accessible via a handy smartphone app, bespoke and customisable checklists for any vehicle or trailer type can be created. The days of lost paperwork are long gone, as all complete checks are stored instantly and securely online to form comprehensive damage reports and a full audit trail. If integrated with Tachomaster, infringements can be recorded if a walkaround check is not done, if carried out too quickly or if performed during a period not covered by work on the virtual tachograph.

Furthermore, the Damage Reporting functionality of PreDrive follows each report all the way through to rectification, according to Maureen Ballance, Sales Manager, Road Tech.

“Photos and notes can be added to each checklist, giving details of any damage,” commented Maureen. “Operators’ workshops or third-party maintenance provider can then be alerted to minimise downtime.

“At £1 per vehicle per week with no contract, drivers can carry out as many pre- and post-shift checks as they wish or are specified by their transport manager. A free 28-day trial means you can try PreDrive to streamline your operations today, no strings attached. What have you got to lose?”

Market-leading tachograph analysis with Tachomaster
DVSA handed out more than £1.5m in fines for drivers’ hours and tachograph breaches in 2016 and 2017. With this in mind, and with the recent announcement that DVSA examiners can now issue on-the-spot fines for any drivers’ hours offences committed in the last 28 days, ensuring tachograph compliance has never been as important for protecting your hard-earned reputation.

Having analysed over 100 million cards, charts and vehicle downloads since 2006, Tachomaster is the market-leading tachograph analysis system. This transformative software helps major multinational hauliers and small family-run companies alike to improve and manage their compliance and reduce their infringements.

Sudden braking, rapid acceleration; these are dangerous driving habits that constitute tachograph infringements and could prove disastrous for both driver and operator. The recently added Drivers Profiling (Risk) system will help operators of any size to identify the most serially non-compliant drivers and other areas of improvement to improve operational efficiency and driving standards.

“WTD analysis, a mobile worker app, and DCRS, our driver compliance reporting system, are all included as part of Tachomaster free-of-charge,” commented Maureen. “Tachomaster can also integrate with our own Falcon Tracking telematics systems or other leading telematics systems so fleet managers can see, down to street level, where and when an event or infringement occurred.”

All interested parties can once again sign up for a 28-day trial of Tachomaster at the Road Tech website, completely free-of-charge.

Provision for Earned Recognition
Originally publicised in April 2017 by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the Earned Recognition scheme aims to be a new and improved way for Operator-Licence holders to meet driver and vehicle standards legislation. By rewarding compliant operators in return for access to their data, Earned Recognition will help DVSA focus its resources on the seriously and serially non-compliant and allow scrupulous operators to operate without interruption. The compliance data required by DVSA as part of Earned Recognition is composed of 2 sets of KPIs; vehicle maintenance and driving activity. As ever, Road Tech have been ahead of the curve in providing operators with the tools to comply with this new legislation; namely the extra functionality added to Tachomaster.

A total offering
This software suite, constantly under development by Road Tech’s 19-person strong team of expert Programmers and Developers, is allowing transport operators to monitor the behaviour and performance of their assets, both mechanical and human, at an unprecedented scale to streamline their businesses and maximise productivity. Whether you manage a few vehicles or a multi-depot fleet, Road Tech’s powerful market-leading software solutions will provide you with real insight and control over your two most valuable assets: your vehicles and drivers. Who would have thought that such a technological powerhouse could reside in a quaint country manor in Hertfordshire?

For more information, contact Maureen Ballance: 01923 460 000, maureen@roadtech.co.uk or www.roadtech.co.uk

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