The recent launch of the Tachomaster Download Optimisation Technology (DOT) device was the key topic of conversation at Road Tech’s stand at the CV Show this year.

Followings its launch at an event at Shenley Hall, Road Tech’s headquarters in Hertfordshire on 17 April, the Tachomaster DOT device has made waves in the industry and attracted significant interest from fleet operators of all sizes from up and down the country.

The device is a small onboard unit that facilitates daily, unlimited and remote live tachograph downloads. This innovative technology automatically collects tachograph data remotely and links directly with Tachomaster, Road Tech’s trailblazing tachograph analysis system. The data is then immediately made visible to the transport manager via Tachomaster’s user-friendly digital dashboards.

Making compliance proactive

Scrutiny over operator compliance has become increasingly acute in recent years. One such area which enforcement authorities are focusing on in particular is drivers’ hours offences. Managing this effectively as a fleet operator can be a daunting task, particularly if the fleet is hundreds or even thousands of vehicles strong. Responding to this challenge, the Tachomaster DOT device puts fleet operators firmly in the driver’s seat by offering them unrivalled compliance management capabilities and total visibility over the current status of their fleet and drivers.

“By monitoring real-time driving time, the Tachomaster DOT device can alert the transport manager to impending drivers’ hours offences before they occur,” said Adrian Barrett, Director at Road Tech, speaking to FACTS Editor Joe Wyatt on their stand. “The fleet manager can then take preventative measures to ensure that the driver in question does not exceed their legal limits and takes their mandated rest period.

“This means all detrimental impacts to the O-Licence as well as fines and any other subsequent penalties are avoided. There is little else on the market that offers operators this degree of control and visibility.”

Commenting on the show as a whole, Maureen Ballance, Sales Manager at Road Tech, said: “The CV Show is always a real pleasure for us to attend every year and this year was no different. We were proud to promote our Tachomaster DOT device for the first time at a major trade show, as well as showcase how all our products integrate to provide a total compliance solution for our customers.”

As one of the most advanced suites of transport management and compliance software available for our industry today, Road Tech’s suite of products comprises innovative solutions to some of the most pertinent operational challenges facing commercial fleet operators today. Such software solutions include daily vehicle checks application Pre-Drive, dynamic fleet telematics and vehicle tracking system Falcon Tracking; and vehicle licence checking solution Checkmaster.

Adrian commented: “The Tachomaster DOT device links seamlessly with the rest of our suite. Its remote download functionality connects with our tachograph analysis system, which in turn can be linked with our Falcon tracking system, which in turn links with our other systems. This is a level of integration that is only available from us here at Road Tech. Whether we are working with a small family-owned haulage company that operates just a few LCVs or a major commercial haulier with an extensive HGV fleet, we have the right solution to accommodate any set of requirements.”

Not only is the Tachomaster DOT an ideal fit for operators of any size, the price tag makes it accessible to all too.

“Margins are notoriously thin in the road transport industry, a fact which can sometimes hold smaller operators back from innovating their set-up,” said Maureen. “But at the competitive price of just £14.95 per vehicle per month, with the optional extra of vehicle tracking costing £5 more per vehicle per month, the Tachomaster DOT device is accessible to all.”

Moreover, Road Tech customers can be assured that they will never be left in the dust of their competitors because their chosen software fails to keep pace with technological advancements.

“Our customers never have to make do with outdated systems,” commented Maureen. “Our software products are constantly being updated and these updates are provided free of charge to our clients. The fact that we do not force our customers into lengthy contracts, unless they require it, is testament to our confidence that our software suite will be massively beneficial to all who integrate it into their business.”

To learn more about Tachomaster DOT and the entirety of the Road Tech product portfolio, contact Maureen and the team at Road Tech today.

For more information contact Maureen Ballance: 01923 460 000, or