Leading vehicle recovery systems specialist Roger Dyson Group is making new investments to take what is already the industry’s finest parts service to an even higher level.

The company is poised to install a new computer system that will give its parts team speedier access to detailed information about vehicle conversions completed at its factory in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Some were built years ago but are still on the road.

Parts Manager Alex Mills explains: “Roger Dyson has been building recovery vehicles for four decades and, because they are of such high quality, a surprisingly high proportion of them are still in service today.
“For older products we’ve been using traditional line drawings to identify the parts that our customers require but, of course, this can be quite time-consuming.

“So while the increased functionality of the new system will enable us to improve our parts stocking and picking performance across the board, it will be particularly beneficial when it comes to older recovery systems because for the first time these will be on the computer too.”
Alex and his team keep more than 2000 lines on the shelves at Roger Dyson’s purpose-built, two-storey parts facility. Since it opened a couple of years ago parts turnover has increased by some 40% – evidence of the company’s impressive sales success and the fact that more Dyson-built conversions are out in the field, doing the job.

“We’re now handling upwards of 250 orders per month,” continues Alex. “And because we understand that when a vehicle is off the road it’s not earning its owner money, we treat every one with the utmost urgency. In fact, all but a tiny handful of the orders we receive, go straight out on a next-day delivery service.”

Roger Dyson has parts supply contracts with major customers such as the RAC and, as well as its own comprehensive product range, also stocks components for NRC heavy vehicle recovery systems and Landoll travelling axle trailers – it is the sole UK distributor for both companies, which are based, respectively, in Canada and the United States.

Orders come in from all over the world including, over the last few weeks:

Barbados, where a customer required parts for his Dyson Hydraloader slideback, and
Dubai, where an operator still running a spectacle lift that dated back to the early 1990s wanted replacements for some worn pins and bushes.

Alex and his team regularly receive plaudits from customers for their high standard of service – the assistance provided recently to Essex Police in supplying and configuring a new remote transmitter, for example, prompted a written acknowledgement thanking them for “excellent service” that “proved invaluable and allowed us to get the vehicle back on the road in one day”.

For Alex, the job remains every bit as interesting and enjoyable as it was when he first took it on six years ago. “We’re always looking to improve our service and I still get a real kick out of solving a difficult problem for a customer,” he says.

For more information: 01905 777104 or www.rogerdyson.com