40mph imageA Highlands truck driver is this week calling for all HGV drivers to observe a 40mph ‘go slow’ as part of his campaign to increase the speed limit.

Conor McKenna, who drives for Dingwall-based DPS Haulage, is calling on the UK government to increase the maximum speed limit for HGVs on single-carriageway non-urban roads from 40mph to 50mph – for safety reasons.

He told FACTS Magazine that improved vehicle braking systems and tyre technologies mean that large commercial vehicles can safely cope with a 50mph speed limit.

And he added that – particularly on roads like the A9 between Perth and Inverness – it would actually improve road safety because frustrated car drivers would not be tempted to carry out potentially dangerous overtaking manoeuvres at inappropriate places on the road.

More than 6,000 HGV drivers throughout the UK – including about 1,000 in Scotland – have been urged to take part in ’40 MPH WEEK’ to illustrate the safety benefits and improvements in logistics efficiencies.

While the UK government is also considering increasing the maximum speed limit in England to 80mph on motorways, the Scottish government is implacably opposed.

The consultation on raising the 40mph limit for HGVs on rural roads to 50mph is a UK Government consultation, which closes on February 1, 2013.

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