Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric Air conditioning Systems Europe Ltd, is part of the vast Mitsubishi Electric Group, directly descended from the original Mitsubishi zaibatsu. founded in 1870 as the Tsukomo Trading company, in 1886 Mitsubishi Sha was established.

It promoted business diversification and grew as a modern corporation. In 1917 splitting up the business departments began and Mitsubishi Goshi Kaisha became a holding company. In 1921 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was established. In 1946 Mitsubishi Headquarters was disolved, each company started again as a new independent entity The Mitsubishi Electric factory at Nettlehill Road, Livingston was opened in 1994 and has been upgraded and extended on a regular basis ever since. It has undergone many redevelopments over the years, and is about to undergo its next significant enhancement as they work to increase the production output of the facility. …Read More