Jonny Billing, SNAP Account Head of Business Development

SNAP Account have been taking the commercial transport industry by storm in recent years with their all-in-one smart payment system revolutionising how long-haul transport operators manage their fleets’ finances.

By centralising costs like overnight parking, washing, and even Dartford toll transactions into one weekly invoice using vehicle licence plate numbers, SNAP Account can streamline companies’ finances and offer them more control over the costs incurred by having a large-scale, long-haul fleet out on the road.

The Norwich-based business attended this year’s Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show in Birmingham, with an impressive stand at the top of the steps between halls four and five. According to Head of Business Development Jonny Billing, it was another successful outing to the industry’s most popular event.

“This year was our sixth consecutive CV Show,” Jonny told FACTS. “We have enjoyed speaking with everyone about how we can help their businesses. We have prepared for months so it is great to see that this year’s stand was the best one yet.”

“This year, we wanted to talk to fleet operators about how we can streamline their administration, and save them time and money,” Jonny continued: “We also wanted to impress on site managers that, through the variety of services that we offer, SNAP has the power to generate, on average, up to £100,000 of extra custom each year for them.

What’s more, SNAP Account were also promoting their online shop, which is enjoying enormous success, says Jonny.

“The online shop is doing really well,” he commented. “We found a real niche in smaller fleets needing AdBlue. Whilst an operator might be being overcharged at the pump or buying cans from a separate supplier, we are offering a convenient one-stop shop for them. We can provide an order of AdBlue at a competitive price and they are really happy with that.

“We are building people’s trust so orders of screenwash, oils, and TFR for example are really starting to take off.”

Indeed, growth has become a theme at SNAP in recent years, and in 2017, the company launched SNAP Access and Security, a new arm of the company that offers turnkey and security solutions to depots and truck parks.

The decision to do so was made following the significant rise in freight crime across Europe in recent years. SNAP have worked closely with drivers and site operators to try to identify and deal with the security challenges that are faced in the industry.

SNAP Access and Security supply and install automated barriers and gates, as well as a range of advanced ANPR cameras, and for the first time, the brand had its own stand at the CV Show.

Speaking on their experience, Jonny said: “The guys over at Access and Security have had a brilliant week! I think everyone likes to see kit up close and in person. The stand exhibited thermal imaging cameras, ANPR systems, and barriers to name a few.

“There is perfect synergy for us [between the two parts of the company],” he continued. “If we install these systems at sites, it increases revenue for both us and our members because compliance and payment only improves and increases.”

Certainly, whether it be with their smart payment system or the security arm of the company, SNAP are going from strength to strength as they expand their services into the European market, and, according to Jonny, no day goes by without the company securing new custom.

“We currently have more than 90,000 users on our network. It is an ever-expanding system and we are so lucky in that we never fail to have a day where people do not join us,” he revealed. “On average we have about 100-120 fleets join us every month and that works out to be around 1500-2000 vehicles every single month.

“We are incredibly lucky and we have done a lot of work on our European expansion but we are still pursuing continued growth.”

Asked how SNAP has come to boast such impressive figures, Jonny explained: “The major reason is word of mouth.

“As agency drivers regularly work with different employers, and drivers and fleet managers more generally move around the industry, they talk.

“They say ‘I used SNAP at the last one, can I use it here?’. We regularly have operators come up to us and say: ‘My drivers keep going on about SNAP, what is it?’. You cannot buy that and it has just been onwards and upwards for us on that front.”

Looking ahead to the company’s further growth into the likes of Germany and Spain, Jonny explained SNAP’s process.

“We have got a two-pronged strategy with myself and Nick Long, our Site and Fleet Sales Manager,” he revealed. “While Nick is out liaising with new and existing site managers, I am out there trying to find people that can create a network for us.

“I try to talk to massive fleet operators and to find a way of working with them. You can never have too many dots on the map!”

To learn more about how the expert team at SNAP can revolutionise the way you run your business, get in touch with Jonny and the team today.

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