Stertil group invests $7.5m to expand headquarters

Based at Kootstertille in the Netherlands, the Stertil Group has begun the next phase of a huge investment programme in its global facilities with a $7.5 million two acre expansion. The investments are a result of the continuing success and popularity of products from Stertil Group businesses with the extension scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2022.

In May 2021, the Group also took the opportunity to acquire an additional 6.5 acres of land from the local municipality to ensure that the company can expand far into the future. The three business divisions are: Stertil Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts for industrial and commercial vehicle maintenance, repair and service; the highly successful Stertil Dock Products division with international recognition for safe, high quality innovative loading bay equipment solutions; and Stokvis Service, with a comprehensive network of service engineers for the local Dutch market.

In line with the Stertil Group’s vision, the expansion in Kootstertille offers a “green” building with electricity generated by solar panels, optimal insulation, ventilation, LED lighting and, most importantly, more capacity. Kootstertille is home to the Group’s Global Research and Development Team that designs, develops and manufactures the complete range of Stertil Koni and Stertil Dock Products, and the two acre expansion will help meet the ever-increasing worldwide demand.

Established in 1961, the Stertil name is derived from the town in which the company is located – Kootstertille. In the 1970s, Stertil began producing loading bay dock levellers for international warehousing facilities and distribution centres.
At the beginning of the 1980s, Stertil Koni vehicle lifts was established and the Group now has sales and production organisations around the world alongside an established exclusive distributor and dealer network.

In 2014, the Stertil Group’s first phase production modernisation plan in the Netherlands was finalised with the addition of modern ergonomic flow manufacturing and further automated assembly lines. Now, in 2021, with worldwide demand growing exponentially, preventive maintenance and repair is more significant than ever. New distribution hubs and warehousing facilities are also being built to support the continued growth of the on-line economy and the new expansion is a crucial element of the Group’s long-term commitment to the industries it serves.

The new expansion will enable the Stertil Group to improve its on-site logistics and storage capacity, as well as expanding office space for the Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales departments. Also, the expansion at the Kootstertille site will accommodate the Stertil Experience and Knowledge Centre. Importantly, the full product range of Stertil Koni and Stertil Dock Products will be available for training and demonstration purposes. This will enable the implementation of qualification and certification programmes on best practices to the extensive network of international Stertil service and installation engineers.

President and CEO, of the Stertil Group, Ulbe Bijlsma, says, “The Stertil Group has a long-term investment plan made possible by our investors and with the support of our local municipal council who have granted the building permits. Our plan is based on a continued commitment to the industries we serve in providing products which meet customer needs, now and long into the future. Our new setting is sustainable, provides a healthy working environment for our employees, and offers opportunities locally and throughout the world.

“At Stertil we enjoy being challenged as you can see from our track record. It is more the rule than the exception that we start investment projects when we are confronted with some or other difficult external circumstances. This is no different today. Stertil, like many other production companies, is facing challenging supply issues with sourcing materials and container transportation. However, despite all of the disruption around the world and the challenging economic conditions, we go ahead with our plans to build a safer and better product which is designed and developed by skilled employees in a pleasurable working environment and is sustainable for many years to come.”

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