PRA photoSky-high tax on fuel is a burden for motorists and for fuel retailers which is why the Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) wants to help their independent members by providing a unique fuel tax stand to place near their point of sale.

Supplied by the TaxPayers’ Alliance the fuel tax stand makes it perfectly clear to forecourt customers just how much the Government takes from every litre of fuel which is sold. It also underlines what a very small amount from the price of every litre goes to the fuel retailer to pay for their substantial operating costs.

All too often fuel retailers are wrongly blamed for profiteering on fuel or for not bringing fuel costs down as quickly as they go up when global oil prices change. The PRA is working hard to debunk these urban myths.

The fuel tax stands are central to a major publicity campaign being launched by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and fully supported by the PRA. The campaign is aimed at convincing the Government to cut fuel duty by 5ppl, a move which would boost the economy and employment.

PRA Chairman Brian Madderson says: “We believe that the fuel tax stand is the perfect way to help explain to our customers that far from profiteering from high fuel prices, fuel retailers are also suffering as the Government takes 60% of the cost of every litre which amounts to more than £30 billion total “tax take” from forecourts every year.”

Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance says “Fuel Duty is an excessive and unfair burden on struggling families, whether they need to get to work, take their kids to school or do the weekly shop. Businesses also struggle with rising costs moving their goods.

“Too often staff in the forecourts get the flak for high fuel prices which are really the result of exorbitant taxes set by politicians. That is why we produced the new fuel tax stands to show customers how much tax they actually pay when they fill up. By displaying it on their counter, retailers will be able to set people straight when they vent their frustration over high petrol and diesel prices.

“Fuel Duty should at least be frozen for the rest of this Parliament, and motorists really deserve a cut in excessive taxes.”

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