TecDoc continues to expand its customer base and the latest addition to the growing number of TecDoc users is the Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER), the highly respected automotive remanufacturing trade body. TeckDoc

TecDoc CATALOG sets the standard for parts identification and the system is unique in making available both passenger car and commercial vehicle data. It is also an Internet and DVD based product, which means that it is compatible with any computer system.

Shaun Greasley, Commercial Director for TecDoc UK and Eire said: “The CATALOG parts catalogue contains more than 400 brands, with 73 million article linkages and 1.5 million supporting product images.

“All manner of internal engine parts are featured on the system, so whether FER members are searching for cylinder sleeves, con-rod bearings, valve guides or crankshafts, they now have access to a highly relevant information resource.

“The system utilises source data that is provided by the original equipment (OE) parts suppliers to deliver highly accurate parts identification, which brings with it many business efficiencies.

“The accurate identification of replacement parts will reduce return rates and therefore provide members with an immediate investment return by delivering tangible cost savings from the correct specification and delivery of the replacement item.

“Members can also choose from a menu of additional functions such as VRM search facility, which only requires the user to enter the registration number to identify the vehicle in question and OE pricing, which ensures that the price quoted for the parts is competitive.

TecDoc can also work with individual FER members to developed a bespoke WEB SHOP portal, which delivers all the benefits of the CATALOG system, but adds extra functionality and provides a site that is designed in accordance with the member’s corporate style and image.

Its features include:
• engine driven part numbers
• all suppliers displayed when searching for parts
• free integration with an existing ordering/stock control system
• real time updates
• customer Login – to allow customers to access the system via the member’s home page login, in order to reach a variety of

levels of data information. If required, they can even interrogate stock levels and parts availability. “The extra functionality that a WEB SHOP can bring to both users and customers makes it a sensible business investment for FER members to consider,” concluded Greasley.

For more information: 01829 752888 or shaun.greasley@tecdoc.net