First Line is offering its new 2020 wall planner

Following their popularity last year, First Line has launched its 2020 wall planners with First Line, Borg & Beck and CV branding. The wall planners are double sided so workshops can display either First Line or Borg & Beck, depending on which brand they use.

There are also specialist wall planners available for fleet managers that feature a maintenance chart, so it’s clear to them and their technicians in the workshop what needs to be serviced on any particular vehicle, making it easy for them to keep track.

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director for First Line, said: “We offer these wall planners every year and they continue to grow in popularity. While they’re simple, they are useful to everyone, especially now we have a maintenance chart for fleet managers. We’re keen for people to begin ordering them and excited to see how popular they are this year!”

To claim a free wall planner, simply send an email with your name, address, which planner you’d like (First Line and Borg & Beck or CV and Maintenance Chart) and the quantity you require to:

For more information: