The G8AC wash bay mobile column lift, manufactured by West Midlands-based company TotalKare, is an easily manoeuvrable column lift that can be quickly and effortlessly set up for all wash and repair needs. The cost-effective machine can be set up anywhere a permanent lift is not immediately available and requires no previous ground preparation or installation before use. The lift is the UK’s first dedicated mobile column lift for wash bays and offers the owner total flexibility at roughly half the price of a galvanised fixed four-post lift.

Speaking to FACTS, Managing Director David Hall described how solutions like this are intrinsic to Totalkare as a company. He said: “Cut Totalkare in half and we would probably look like a column lift.

“We created the G8AC solution in response to customer feedback. Many of our clients collaborated with us to describe their changing operational environment, issues with their existing equipment as well as what their ideal lift would be. This informed the design philosophy of the G8AC from the very beginning.”

The wash bay can lift a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles with a 7500kg lifting capacity per column. It can be used in configurations of four, six, and eight columns for a maximum weight lifting capacity of 60 tonnes, and features adjustable forks to accommodate a
wide variety of wheel sizes.

David added: “Operators take pride in their vehicles and thus need to keep them clean. Often, customers who do not have their own equipment take their vehicles to a third-party, in which case they must pay per wash. That is not the only cost because they are having to pay for the time of the driver and the whole inconvenience of the process. The G8AC can eliminate both, and can also be used indoors if required.”

Furthermore, given the increasing trend of operators leasing their premises, it can often be difficult to install permanent lifting equipment. If its installation is allowed, charges for de-installation and repairs can be extreme. With a mobile lift solution, this is avoided. In addition, acquiring contract work across the country is easier than ever as the equipment can be easily transported.
“By taking the entry-level price of having your own solution down by about 50%, it really opens the market up to people who would not have considered it before, and it makes it much more cost-effective for a smaller fleet to have their own solution. It is a no-brainer really”, David continued.

The G8AC has been expertly designed and crafted to withstand the harshest of elements and endure years of general wear and tear. It has sealed bearings and is hot galvanised, providing longterm protection against water damage, making the lift ideal for both indoor or outdoor use.There is also the option to lease the G8AC which is a low-risk, high reward option as clients can enter into short-term contracted work knowing that there are no lost expenditures at the end and that there are no residual items they
have to sell.

TotalKare design their products to withstand the test of time and to this day offer service to equipment that has been in use for over 35 years. It is important to the company that customers can maximise the benefits of their equipment and if necessary, repairs are readily available. To learn more about the G8AC and the entire TotalKare portfolio, contact David and the team today.

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