TRW ProequipTRW Automotive Aftermarket’s heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) brand, TRW Proequip, has announced that due to   increased aftermarket penetration and by working closely with the vehicle manufacturers, it achieved its 2011 annual sales targets two months early in October; signalling a massive 40% growth year on year.

A key driver for this success was X-cap. TRW’s innovative ball joint design, launched in 2010, has opened the door to many Original Equipment (OE) contracts, such as Mercedes Actros. Developed at TRW’s dedicated design facility in Dusseldorf, Germany, the XCAP design is smaller, stronger and more durable than its predecessor and offers enhanced steering comfort due to reduced torque.

HCV VMs strive to continuously improve the driving dynamics of its trucks, aiming for the driving ‘feel’ of a passenger car. With a 20-year patent and encompassing the latest in groundbreaking steering and suspension (S&S) technology, X-cap is rapidly becoming the part of choice for the HCV’s of the future.

TRW Proequip now offers 390 parts in total for Mercedes: 51 tie rod ends; 161 centre rod assembly parts; 15 stabiliser links; 73 radius rods; 60 rod assembly parts and 29 repair kits.

The Actros is Mercedes’ most popular model of truck with more than 700,000 sold to a Global market since start of production (SOP) 15 years ago. The VM recently announced that seven versions with different chassis will be produced in Brussels by 2013/14. These chassis version will supercede production of the current models of Actros and Axor, manufactured in Germany.

TRW’s HCV marketing channel manager, Dennis Christ, explained; “TRW is a world leader in the design and development of the safest, most innovative OE quality S&S parts. This experience in future-forward technology translates directly into the aftermarket with X-cap. And with VMs striving to constantly improve the comfort of the driver, this part is proving to be an invaluable addition to VMs steering systems.

“For TRW Proequip, 2011 was a year of market penetration. With an ever growing market share, our reputation grows ever stronger. We are now seen as a serious market player. In some areas, we are seen as a leader.”

TRW’s ‘heavyweight’, Corner Module (braking, steering and suspension) programme, comprises: more than 1000 steering and suspension parts; brake pads; shock absorbers and steering gears. Since launch in 2008, it has seen exponential growth – both in terms of programme content and sales figures – and is rapidly gaining European market share.

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