National Express as well as The Big Green Coach Company has pledged their support for the Tyred campaign.

It is now over three months since the Tyred Campaign to effectively force the ban of all tyres older than ten years on all commercial vehicles was officially launched in Liverpool. The campaign is led by Frances Molloy, following the death of her son Michael (18) and two other victims – Kerry Ogden (23) and Driver Colin Daulby (53) in a horrific coach crash caused by the catastrophic failure of a second hand 20 year old tyre. According to the organisers, to say the campaign had ‘swiftly gained significant momentum’ would be a “total understatement.”

Right from its launch, The Tyred Campaign has been supported by influential people in business and politics including Maria Eagle MP, Steve Rotherham, Liverpool Metro Mayor, Stefan Hay, CEO – National Tyre Dealers Association (NTDA) and Vinay Parmar, Executive Director of National Express Coaches. There has been a significant number of very positive developments including local authorities deciding to put forward motions at full Council meetings supporting legislation.

Also another major coach operator – The Big Green Coach Company has joined National Express in backing the campaign plus MerseyTravel, the Executive Body responsible for coach and bus travel facilities throughout Liverpool and Merseyside has signed a voluntary contract confirming they will no longer have tyres older than ten years on any of their vehicle fleets.

Frances said: “Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham instigated this major development and it was encouraging that he was met with an ‘open door’ attitude and willingness to join our fight against ageing commercial tyres. This success has inspired the campaign to approach other Metro Mayors in major cities including Andy Burnham, Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester who has already publicly pledged his support. I was also invited to speak at the TMB Union’s – Justice Campaign Conference in September who have been extremely supportive and instrumental in our approach to various Councils to back Tyred.”

In addition, Frances recently attended the Labour Party Conference in Brighton and spoke at a Fringe Event which resulted in the Leader of Harrow Council in London agreeing to put forward a motion to his Council. At the same time she met Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn who reinforced the party’s support for the Tyred Campaign.

Frances Molloy

Frances concluded: “It is becoming increasingly clear that it’s not a question of ‘If’ a Government Bill banning tyres over ten years old being fitted on all commercial vehicles will come into force…but when! I am not going to rest until the Tyred Campaign is successful and tyres that are over ten years old are banned from our roads.”

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