Vision UK’s vehicle-based video systems increase vehicle safety with automated alert features

With the ever-increasing requirement on vehicle operators to operate safe vehicles and ensure their drivers are operating their vehicles safely, the demands on vehicle-based video systems have never been greater.

Vision UK will introduce a range of new products in 2020 to meet the increasingly demanding needs of vehicle operators.


Arguably the most significant of these products is Vision UK’s latest DVR-2020LV Video Recording Module.

This is the company’s first digital video recorder that has been specifically designed as a remote access DVR. With many fleet operators running vehicles from multiple locations across the country, retrieving video footage is often quite a challenge. With a choice of remote access packages to suit most requirements, Vision UK can offer customers a choice of cost-effective data retrieval packages to best meet their individual requirements.

A further significant benefit of a remote access DVR is that it can provide automatic alerts of potential system issues. Should there be a suspected issue, the system can be further interrogated so any potential problem can be understood, and the appropriate action taken.

In the case of the DVR-2020LV, this device can record video from up to 5x1080P cameras and can save video footage on up to 500 GB of solid-state storage. If required, the storage media can be removed and thereby provide a police-preferred continuity of “evidence trail”.

It also may be of interest that this device can be specified with a totally tamper-proof housing – requiring the DVR to be removed and dismantled to access the storage medium – or with lock access to the storage medium.

Software features

Vision UK offers a choice of software features and support options available with the DVR-2020LV. These include live vehicle tracking; live view dial-in into any vehicle camera; driven route reports with events highlighted; and reports on individual alarm events. Other options include statistical reports on key vehicle and driver parameters; system alerts such as video loss, storage medium and GPS issues; speeding within specified area and routes; and entering/leaving specified locations within prohibited times.

In addition, the device can also automatically send an email alert – and upload a snapshot and/or short video – when an event such as when a High G Level or Panic event occurs.

The customer can choose to manage their own systems or can ask Vision UK to provide a bespoke monitoring and support service.

Once the video footage has been recovered, the company’s bespoke analysis software enables the user to see vehicle location, journey history, speed, G forces and brake and indicator activation. The software is designed to help the user quickly identify footage of interest, even when an accurate time and date is not known.

The software also provides archiving and export functions that allows the user to select specific footage to be archived, and to export it in a format suitable for general distribution.

Because the DVR has been designed to be competitively priced, as a by-product, Vision UK can offer a non-remote access version of the device at very competitive cost for applications where the vehicles return to depot on a regular basis and remote access is not as important. It can also offer a Wi-Fi module on it and the remote access version, which allows remote access to the device when the vehicle is returned to depot.


To complement the DV-2020LV, and Vision UK’s other DVR systems, the company is also introducing a number of new cameras that better meet the requirements of its customers.

The FC-1080DC is a combined front-facing and driver-facing camera. Vision UK chose this particular housing as it provides flexibility to fit a range of different chip sets to suit different requirements. For example, the company can fit different combinations of 720P WDR AHD, 1080P AHD and 1080P IP camera chip sets.

This camera has been introduced to meet the increasing demand for recording the driver. The factors driving this are the demand from FORS – and general best practice – that put the responsibility on the operator in ensuring their drivers are driving in a safe manner, and to be able to prove who was actually driving the vehicle if an incident occurs.

Another new camera is Vision UK’s mini side cameras, a misnomer as it comes with four different lens orientations so that the company can supply a camera to provide a bird’s eye view, a view back along either side of the vehicle or allowing the camera to be mounted on the underside of a surface – for example on to the roof lining of a vehicle.

This camera features a 720P AHD chip set and a heavy-duty IP-67 metal housing that ensures good heat dispersion and prevent premature chipset failure due to overheating and to be resilient to impact damage.

This camera has been developed due to increasing demand for a small reliable camera that can record at high definition and can be fitted inside or outside the vehicle.

The final product Vision UK has highlighted is its HDC-6000 home delivery camera. Again, the description is not totally accurate – although home delivery vehicles are a prime application for this camera – as this camera is specifically designed for any vehicle with a tail lift.

In addition to the choice of either an analogue or HD camera, this camera also integrates a work light and high-level brake light.

This camera fulfils a number of functions. The work light can be connected to be used just as a work light but can also be connected to turn on when reverse gear is selected. Therefore, the work light not only illuminates the tail lift work area, it can also provide a very good illumination of the area behind the vehicle when reversing. The integrated camera obviously provides excellent visibility when reversing but when connected to a DVR will record evidence of incidents that occur when loading or unloading.

At the time of writing, this camera is going through type approval so it can be OE-fitted as a camera, reversing and brake light.

This covers just some of the new products that are being introduced for 2020.

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