Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS), a leading vehicle onboard weighing, axle overload protection and bin weighing company,  is set to exhibit at the CV Show for the sixth year in a row this April.

The company will showcase its award-winning Vehicle Overload Protection System (VOPS2) on their stand. Incorporating an extremely reliable enclosed measurement system, VOPS2 provides drivers with front & rear net, gross and axle weights. The system does not rely on springs or transducers and can be fitted to most commercial vehicles ranging from 3.5-tonne GVW, whether the suspension is steel, air or spring.

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director at VWS, said: “VOPS2 is particularly well suited to delivery companies or van operators where there is a high risk of overloading or uneven weight distribution on either axle.”

VWS will also be demonstrating its full portfolio of products at the show including:

  • APOLLO a range of fixed, semi-fixed and portable axle and vehicle weighing systems. These offer low cost and flexible solutions for vehicle operators.
  • LOADWEIGH™don’t run light and waste money! High accuracy payload control for tippers and tankers. LOADWEIGH can be installed to any kind of truck and provides highly accurate front and rear axle weights. An optional inclinometer alerts drivers if the vehicle is unstable, and an intelligent junction box keeps the driver informed about how the load is dispersed.
  • ENVIROWEIGH bin-weighing system  a very popular, highly accurate, weights and measures approved system that can be used for Pay-By-Weight services.
  • PurGo a market-leading next-generation ERP waste management & recycling software system, relied upon by hundreds of customers to manage all waste collection and management processes end-to-end.

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