What can you release with one hand in just 3 seconds?

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There is a new direction in mobility accessibility solutions in the shape of a cutting edge product from Koller Engineering Ltd.

Koller Engineering photoThere is a new direction in mobility accessibility solutions in the shape of a cutting edge product from Koller Engineering Ltd. Their innovative removable seat-fixing BLADE is an exciting new development in this field which delivers strength with simplicity.

Officially launching at the Commercial Vehicle Show in April, this slick and smooth quick release mechanism is the latest addition to Koller’s wheelchair restraints and removable seat fixings product range.

The main benefit? This spigot and lever mechanism enables a seat to be released in 3 seconds!

BLADE: the ultra-fast, quick release removable seat fixing

BLADE is innovative, responsive and impressive. This well designed fixing is deceptively strong and easy to use. A lever and red handle moves around a spigot to lock and unlock in a backwards and forwards set of movements. All in just 3 seconds!

The clever design means no rattle or roll and guarantees a safe and comfortable ride for the occupant. And it’s 600 grammes lighter than its closest competitor. This saves kilos of weight across the minibus which in turn, saves fuel.

Designed for safety, built for longevity

Safety is of prime importance for any wheelchair restraint company and Koller takes their responsibilities very seriously. All their products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation and have to meet strict ISO or European standards before they are released onto the market. These products are designed to meet the requirements of their end users, their lifestyles, situations and ability to adapt.

This testing takes place in conjunction with vehicle conversion companies and wheelchair manufacturers who are in long-term partnerships with Koller. The end result is class leading products which are easy to use and fit for purpose.

Sales Manager Andy Nurrish has worked closely on this project and says: “In 15 years of sales in the mobility sector I have never experienced a huge step forward such as this in the problem area of seat removal.”

Blade will be on general sale in May. Please visit Koller at their CV Show stand 4H116 to see how top quality engineering can make a difficult job easy!

This family run business was established back in 1980 and since then has developed a reputation for innovative, top quality products that meet with the approval of their customers. Customer service is an important part of their ethos and drives their ongoing research into new and exciting mobility accessibility solutions. Their products are designed following feedback from their customers which demonstrates their commitment to a first class service and at competitive price.

For more information visit: www.koller.co.uk


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