One lucky Michelin customer will find themselves behind the wheel of a new Euro VI tractor unit this year, with no costs for three years.One lucky Michelin customer will find themselves behind the wheel of a brand new Euro VI 6×2 tractor unit this year, with no purchase, hire, lease or repair & maintenance costs to pay for three years. Michelin is giving away* a three year lease of a new truck up to the value of £60,000 as part of a sales promotion running until 25 July 2014. The winner can pick from their choice of DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania or Volvo models.

To take part, any business in England, Scotland or Wales purchasing two or more Michelin truck tyres in a single transaction must complete an entry form – available from the tyre retailer or from – and return it by post to Michelin before the entry deadline, including an invoice number as proof of purchase. Businesses can submit up to 10 entries each.

Sharn Samra, Michelin’s Head of Truck Marketing, says: “We recognise vehicle ownership is a huge running cost for owner-drivers and fleets; that’s why we’re giving away a truck for three years, free of charge. To help the winner save fuel, it will be delivered with a set of 315/70 R 22.5 Michelin X Line Energy tyres as original equipment – designed to handle the increased axle load of a Euro VI vehicle, whilst also saving fuel.”

The X Line Energy range combines Michelin’s lowest rolling resistance truck tyres to-date with an exceptionally long tyre life. Under EU tyre labelling, the 315/70 X Line Energy Z (multi-position) is rated ‘B’ for rolling resistance and wet grip, whilst the 315/70 X Line Energy D (drive) is rated ‘B’ for rolling resistance and ‘C’ for wet grip.

This impressively low rolling resistance in no way diminishes these tyres’ other performance characteristics, such as impressive braking, a comfortable ride and precision steering. The X Line Energy Z offers improved** road handling, driver comfort and resistance to accidental tread damage, whilst the X Line Energy D features improved** grip and traction on slippery road surfaces owing to the inclusion of patented Towerpump and Delta sipes. The drive tyres are also marked ‘3PMSF’, indicating a known minimum level of grip in snow conditions, for improved safety.

* For terms & conditions download an entry form from Tyre purchases are valid from any retailer in England, Scotland or Wales, including all ATS Euromaster and Michelin Truck Professional centres.

** Compared to the previous generation Michelin X Energy SaverGreen in the same dimension.