Yara UK expands Air1 Adblue plant capacity to meet demand

Until 2018, Yara Air1 in the UK had an AdBlue storage capacity of 8 million litres at terminals located in Immingham and Dagenham. Due to increasing demand, as the AdBlue market continues to develop, capacity is now 15 million litres – including a new terminal that opened in Liverpool to better serve the north west of the UK.

This new terminal has a storage capacity of just under 5 million litres. The increase in storage includes further developments of the Dagenham terminal, which previously was able to store nearly 3 million litres and is now able to stock a volume of 5 million litres. Combined with Immingham’s 5 million litres, this gives a total Air1 AdBlue UK terminal capacity of an impressive 15 million litres. Since 2004, Yara has been at the forefront of the development of AdBlue and its compatibility with SCR technology. As the world’s largest producer of AdBlue, Yara can ensure product quality, guaranteed sourcing, and reliable distribution through a large number of production plants and terminals on a global scale.

Yara is committed to providing a secure and robust supply of AdBlue in the UK. With a fleet of 17 modern, dedicated bulk tankers and drivers, product is supplied from the 3 bulk AdBlue terminals to Air1 customers and with over 240 truck stop locations offering Air1 from the pump, Yara’s brand of AdBlue is dedicated to keeping their customer fleets running.

Paul Norman, Reagent Business Manager for the UK and Ireland, said: “There has been an impressive amount of project engineering and investment to achieve such a large step change in our terminal capabilities…this is the responsible approach to ensure continued security of supply.”

For a full list of all retail sites that dispense AdBlue from Air1 at the pump, download the Air1 App.

For more information: www.air1.info


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