Award winning DAVIS solution enables comprehensive compliance management

Compliance specialist Licence Check Ltd is thriving after producing record sales figures in July thanks to the ongoing success of its DAVIS solution.

Licence Check Ltd was founded 10 years ago to provide a driving licence checking service for businesses, and was one of the first companies to automate these checks online through its software application. Last year, the firm was acquired by online solutions provider Ebbon-Dacs which has helped strengthen its market position.

Checking entitlement to drive is now more important now than it ever has been, with a recent Freedom of Information request lodged to the DVLA revealing that the number of drivers having their licenses revoked has increased by 33.5% in the last four years.

To combat this and to also address important aspects of vehicle compliance, Licence Check has developed DAVIS; an award-winning web-based application that goes beyond just checking if a driver’s licence is valid.

Katy Holding, Licence Check Ltd Marketing Manager, spoke exclusively to FACTS about the advantages of DAVIS: “It offers more than just licence checking; it provides compliance checking services for drivers and vehicles and provides greater insight into occupational road risk,” Katy explained.

“DAVIS automates and streamlines essential driver and vehicle checks, by automating workflow processes and minimising manual intervention to free up time for those responsible with managing driver compliance. The software has a unique dashboard which presents an instant view of real-time risk with warnings and notifications of immediate actions required so the Fleet Manager no longer needs to dig deep into various different reports. Results and analysis are presented clearly and concisely. Drivers are profiled and scored based on licence results, aggregated with data from any of the other optional DAVIS modular services that might include accident history, risk assessments and for some clients, driver behaviour via a telematics feed.”

Licence Check will also work with individual companies in order to ensure they are getting the most out of DAVIS: “We are sympathetic to the fact that one rule does not fit all and so re-checks can be scheduled in accordance with company risk profiles,” Katy said. “We work with each and every company to determine what their risk outlook is and tailor the settings to suit.”

Obtaining permission from drivers to lawfully check their DVLA record is one of the biggest challenges in undertaking a check, but thanks to DAVIS, operators can use four distinct methods in order to ensure this obstacle is minimised.

Drivers can be added to DAVIS either in a face-to-face process, activated via a pin code sent to the driver’s mobile; through an e-approval system which is their most popular method; a paper mandate that can be scanned and e-mailed; or a CDR which scans physical licenses while also checking for counterfeit cards.

A comprehensive onboarding training programme is also offered, alongside a range of online tutorials that helps all users get the most out of DAVIS. The dedicated support team can also be reached over the phone, via email or through a chat service built into the DAVIS software.
Licence Check pride themselves on going the extra mile for their customers, boasting a five-star rating on Trustpilot.

“We pride ourselves on making things as easy as possible for our clients and that is why we are constantly evolving our product to ensure we deliver the best possible service,” Katy explained. “We are proud to have a score of 9.5 out of 10 from 149 reviews on Trustpilot, and it is our first-class support team in addition to our product that is responsible for this.”

Switching to Licence Check is a simple process. Firms with 25 or more drivers are offered the option of an onboarding service where essential data can be uploaded in bulk using records extracted from the previous service provider or third-party systems.

To learn how DAVIS could revolutionise your compliance management strategy, join the DAVIS team at Fleet Live on P70. Alternatively, contact Katy and the team at Licence Check today.

For more information: 0330 660 7107, or

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