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Whether due to accident damage, the need to upgrade or simply because of general wear and tear, lights periodically need to be replaced and as they are critical safety components, commercial vehicle (CV) operators and workshops need to be aware that any replacement must comply with the certificated regulations for that specific application.

Part Numbers: 1GA 357 103-012
1GA 357 103-022

When it comes to driving lights, to be sure of the correct light distribution; operators should always fit quality replacement headlight lenses that bear the correct ‘E’ marking. This ensures that the lenses have been tested and approved by a photometric laboratory and have met the standards of the European Commission. In addition, even when quality lighting is fitted, it must be checked to make sure it is correctly adjusted, so that it delivers the right spread of light to effectively illuminate the road ahead for the driver, but also not dazzle oncoming vehicles.

Lighting compliance is required all around the vehicle and therefore work lights are no exception. As would be expected from a global innovator in lighting technology, HELLA work lights, available in halogen, xenon and LED formats, not only superbly illuminate the working area for when loading/unloading a vehicle, they are also certificated reversing lights, with ECE-R32 approval, which means operators have no need to ’double up’ with additional lights or find themselves at the mercy of the authorities for the use of illegal items. Naturally, the wide range of alternative styles has been specially developed and designed with materials that provide the maximum durability and has undergone extensive quality testing, to ensure they are also resistant to dirt and moisture.

For additional lights such as safety beacons, operators need to be aware of ECE R 65 and ECE R 10 type approvals, which relate to both the installation and the compliance of the safety beacons themselves, so they function perfectly and are clearly visible to other road users. Only beacons marked with both of these approvals are authorised for use on the public highway.

ECE R 65, requires all beacons to be installed so they cannot be adjusted, therefore not restricting their warning effect through third party intervention. They must also be fitted correctly, so that the flashing signal can clearly be seen from a perimeter distance of 20 metres. If this is not possible, then additional warning systems, such as more beacons, must be added to the vehicle.

Part Numbers: 1F8 007 560-051

ECE R 10, details the compatibility of safety beacons through electromagnetic interference, whether radiated, where the beacon interferes with other devices in the environment, or immunity, where the beacon is affected by interference from the likes of mobile phones, radios, TVs and even telematics. Operators must therefore make sure safety beacons conform with these requirements to avoid any potential issues.

CISPR 25 is the standard for emitted interference, with a classification between one and five, where the statutory standards are met by category three. HELLA’s lighting systems fulfil at least category three, with many in category five, therefore guaranteeing complete functional safety in all applications. It is worth restating that only beacons that display the correct compliance markings, are considered legal for use on the public highway.

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