5-Star showing from DAF Trucks at RTX

Inherently exceptional visibility of XD and XDC ahead of 3-Star DVS mandate in October.

DAF Trucks is handing an RTX show debut to a 5-star example of its DAF XD range – a 44-tonne GCW, XD 450 three-axle tractor unit with Sleeper High Cab specified to deliver the maximum 5-Star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) safety rating – illustrating the exceptional visibility offered by the New Generation XD ahead of the DVS mandate for 3-Star compliance in October this year.

The breadth of options available within the DAF XD and XDC series of models means operators can specify a truck to their exacting needs, with the XD’s inherently good visibility meaning the crucial 3-star rating required from October can still be achieved. Furthermore, while the 5-star XD 450 on display is a 44-tonne GCW 6×2 tractor, it is also possible to specify the XDC 32-tonne GVW 8×4 tipper for maximum ground clearance and approach angle and still achieve the all-important 3-star rating.

The maximum 5-Star rating is achieved with a DAF XD in Sleeper High Cab specification featuring a deep windscreen and ‘Vision Dash’, plus deep side windows to achieve an impressively low ‘belt-line’. A large kerb-view window in the passenger door, combined with a folding ‘cinema-style’ passenger seat, offers an uninterrupted view of cyclists and other vulnerable road users, while the DAF Digital Vision System removes key blind-spots often experienced with conventional mirrors. A special protruding bumper design completes the features to deliver the maximum 5-star rating.

To add to the safety benefits, the DAF Corner Vision system replaces Class-V and Class-VI mirrors to give a 285-degree view across the vehicle’s front and nearside via an easy-to-interpret monitor mounted inside the cab A-pillar. The vehicle is also equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety systems as part of the General Safety Regulation (GSR), and ahead of its mandate for new vehicle registrations in the EU and Northern Ireland.

Although not currently legislated, DAF has also chosen to specify these features as standard on vehicles sold in Great Britain. The GSR features include DAF Drive Off Assist, DAF Side & Turn Assist, rear view camera, speed limit recognition, DAF Drowsiness Assistant, an event data recorder and an alcohol interlock facility.

Other safety related features specified on this vehicle include an electro-pneumatic parking brake, red seat belts, air bag with seat belt pre-tensioners, and full LED exterior lighting.

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