Artificial eyes for intelligent fleet safety

As part of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s transport network by 2024, TFL are proposing an enhancement to the current Direct Vision Standard (DVS) ‘Safe System’ with the introduction of the ‘Progressive Safe System’ (PSS) from October 2024.

Under the current scheme, HGVs over 12T must meet a minimum standard, where vehicles do not
meet a minimum of one-star rating, operators are required to implement a series of vehicle safety measures which are designed to reduce the risks that HGVs present to vulnerable road users (VRU).

Vehicles must then obtain a safety permit before entering and operating in most of Greater London.
To further improve the safety of ALL road users, HGVs over 12T will need to have a minimum of three-star rating or fit the new PSS to operate in Greater London, from 28 October 2024.

How does the Progressive Safe System differ from the current DVS Safe System?

Changes include:

Updating existing guidance on the use of mirrors and mirror-replacement Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS).

The requirement for CMS fitted on vehicles to eliminate any remaining blind spots on the passenger side.

Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS) fitted to the front of a vehicle to prevent collisions at the frontal blind spot zone when a vehicle moves off from rest.

Audio warnings fitted to all vehicles, including those with left hand drive to ensure all vehicles operating in London can warn of an intended manoeuvre.

Parksafe Group’s AI Intelligent Pedestrian Detection System eliminates blind spots and cleverly detects VRU’s by providing drivers with a bespoke audible message inside the cab and visual warnings on the dashboard monitor, combined with crystal clear Full HD 1080p footage. Drivers are given clear distances by measurement and colour codes red, amber & green which are displayed on the cab monitor. Allowing the driver to gain more reaction time and to make a decision based on the colour coding.

As part of the PSS the AI Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera is used on the near side and the front of the vehicle. The system automatically switches from nearside, front when a pedestrian is detected in the blind spot, furthermore when a pedestrian is in multiple zones the in-cab dashboard monitor automatically splits the screen to give the driver a visual on both blind spots at the front and nearside. This is combined with our bespoke internal alarm that provides messages such as “Pedestrian detected left” and “Pedestrian detected Front” and “Pedestrian Detected”.

Furthermore, The Parksafe AI Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera can be fully integrated with our Parksafe On Demand Website platform, this allows you to have the ability to remotely view live footage, download footage remotely and track your vehicles location.

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