Bridgestone offers SMEs new maintenance package

Bridgestone is launching a new Fleetcare Go Plan premium tyre and vehicle maintenance solution for SMEs.

Aimed at operators running passenger cars and vans, as well as trucks and buses, it provides an integrated solution comprising premium Bridgestone tyres, comprehensive vehicle maintenance and an intelligent interface powered by Webfleet telematics.

It builds on the successful launch of Fleetcare, which targets larger fleets, and delivers a new end-to-end digital solution that will help small- and medium-sized fleet managers realise efficiency gains, achieve time and total cost of ownership savings, and keep drivers safe on the road

Different to the customisable Fleetcare, Fleetcare Go Plan is a standardised and ready-to-go solution that gives subscribers access to a personalised and dedicated Fleet Portal, allowing them to gain insights about fleet status, services delivered, invoices received and contract progress. The portal provides key insights to enable multitasking fleet managers to stay in control while optimising their work.

It also helps control costs through a subscription service with usage-based pricing and easy and predictable monthly payments. Easy onboarding, centralised billing and end-to-end digital processes also ensure timesaving.

For truck and bus fleets, Fleetcare Go Plan will provide real-time data via a personalised fleet portal, bringing accessible and convenient contract progress and mileage tracking, consolidated invoicing and service reports. This gives a clear view on total cost of ownership. The solution includes quarterly all-in tyre checks and maintenance to ensure optimal tyre life and road safety, with free tyre puncture repairs and optional mileage guarantee.

For passenger cars and commercial vans fleets, Fleetcare Go Plan also allows further savings, with recalculated bills every six months, even if it differs from the original quotation based on the actual mileage and maintenance of the vehicles.

“At Bridgestone, we are constantly working on developing new data-driven fleet, tyre and mobility solutions. We made a great step forward with the recent launch of Fleetcare and are excited to make this tyre and fleet management solution and its benefits accessible to even more fleets with Fleetcare Go Plan,” said Jan Maarten de Vries, CEO of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions.

“We believe that by providing actionable and data-driven insights that enable our customers and partners to improve their fleet and mobility performance, we become part of the change we want to see towards a sustainable world. Mobility is evolving and we are thrilled to help our customers take advantage of the new opportunities in a connected world – including Fleetcare Go Plan.”

Initially, Fleetcare Go Plan is available in Spain, Germany and Poland for truck and bus fleets and in France, Italy and UK for fleets of passenger cars and vans. The solution will progressively roll out in more countries and regions in the future.

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