New tech gives Scania vehicles a smart boost

Scania announces new technological upgrades to its vehicles including a new Electrical System Architecture, Smart Dash and Over The Air software updates.

Scania has unveiled its next generation of vehicle intelligence and safety features for its trucks, buses and coaches, making the overall driving experience smarter, safer, simpler and more intuitive.

The latest update includes a new electrical architecture, digital dashboard interface, fast and remote diagnostics, customisable digital services, Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates, upgraded Scania Navigation application, and improved advanced safety features.

Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President, Head of Scania Trucks, said: “Apart from great overview and endless opportunities to individualise the driver station, our Smart Dash is also the leverage for increased communication and digitalisation in and around the truck.

“Scania trucks, buses and coaches can now be closely integrated with everything from the fleet management system to the actual driving environment and an array of cloud-based services for improved safety, uptime and productivity.”

These changes allow Scania to comply with the new EU General Safety Regulations and Cyber Security legislation, which will make various safety-orientated features and system integrity standards mandatory on heavy commercial vehicles across Europe from July 2024.

Introducing Scania’s new nervous system

Powering this digital revolution is a new Electrical System Architecture. A high-performance computing system capable of handling a vast amount of data and powering the communications between the vehicle’s various components, with faster diagnostics and stronger cyber security.

It will also futureproof new vehicles, with the system capable of adding additional functions, via OTA, which also allows hauliers to keep their vehicles up-to-date with the latest Scania software updates without needing to visit a workshop.

Alongside, Scania has introduced a new sensor platform combining short range radars with updated distance sensors and camera technology to upgrade its driver assistance systems.

This latest update sees the introduction of Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning systems for the front and the rear of the vehicle, while the side impact system has been upgraded.

Speed Sign information is now available on Scanias, while Driver Attention Support and Tyre Pressure Monitoring systems have both been updated.

New Smart Dash is the gateway to Scania’s digital ecosystem

The most noticeable change is the introduction of Smart Dash, which is the central hub for drivers to interact with Scania’s digital ecosystem.

Behind the wheel is a new digital screen while a large new HD infotainment display, available 10.1 or a 12.9-inch screen, dominants the cabin, giving the driver all the functionality and tools they need at their fingertips. Additional functionality includes: advanced voice control and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Eduardo Landeo, Product Manager, Scania Trucks, said: “It is all about offering the drivers the best possible experience and making sure that new technology always supports the drivers.

“With this introduction, we open up a digital and connected spectrum that will benefit drivers as well as fleet owners and fleet managers. Smart and safe vehicles will bring increased productivity, fewer accidents and safer drivers.”

Smart Dash also comes equipped with Scania’s next generation navigation app, which can process real-time location and traffic data to help both drivers and fleet managers make crucial decisions about their route based on current conditions.

The app also utilises data from other systems, including Speed Sign Information and Control Cruise with Active Prediction, to help drivers make the correct decisions from behind the wheel.

The new digital ecosystem also connects drivers and fleet managers to a host of applications and services that use the vehicle data-driven insights to allow them to maximise the performance of their operations.

Through rapid data sharing and a tailored view operators can have all the information they need at their fingertips.

This new electrical system upgrade is available to order on all new Scania vehicles.

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