Safety critical auto braking technology by Vision Techniques

As roads become even busier, vehicle safety is critical for any fleet manager. A quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing – even though many other reversing accidents do not result in injury, they can cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment, and premises. Blind spots on vehicles create zones where accidents can happen, where a vehicle is required to operate can change daily – narrow streets, public roads, busy urban areas, site, and depot spaces all bring their own unique challenges to drivers who often work in extreme weather conditions and sometimes at night, decreasing visibility.

Vision Techniques, a leading provider of cutting-edge safety equipment, continues its commitment to revolutionising road safety with the launch of its latest safety equipment – the Banksman Auto Braking 77GHz Radar.

The new system is taking safety to the next level by not only warning about dangers but also completely removing the risk of collision accidents. If the radar detects something in its view, the system will give the driver an audible and visual warning. However, if the driver does not react to the alarms, the system will automatically apply the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop. Cliff Brown, Assistant Transport Manager at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, expressed his confidence in the new system: “The Banksman Auto Braking 77GHz Radar is far superior to any other safety systems we have used in the past.

As a local authority, we prioritise creating a safe environment for our personnel and ensuring our fleet is equipped with the highest level of safety features. We take road users’ safety seriously, and our partnership with Vision Techniques allows us to achieve this goal. Their range of products has significantly enhanced our fleet safety. Vision Techniques’ commitment to excellent customer service is a key reason why we continue to partner with them.”

Dave Smith, General Manager at Vision Techniques, concluded, “Our company’s purpose has always been to save lives. We’ve invested in developing new technologies that help our clients make their fleets safer. The new Banksman Auto Braking 77GHz Radar has surpassed all expectations and received remarkable feedback. It reflects our commitment to continuous innovation and delivering safety solutions that truly make a difference.”

Vision Techniques remains at the forefront of safety equipment development, creating solutions that empower businesses and local authorities to protect lives and reduce the frequency of accidents on the roads. With the launch of the Banksman Auto Braking 77GHz Radar, Vision Techniques reinforces its position as a trusted partner for safety-conscious organisations.

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