Zego partners with Brake to help fleets reduce risk

Commercial motor insurer Zego is partnering with road safety charity Brake to educate fleets on road safety and promote safer driving.

Zego will use and promote resources and tools developed by Brake to help fleets manage their road risk.

Sten Saar, chief executive at Zego, said: “Brake’s tireless campaigning on road safety means there is no better organisation for us to partner with as we continue to promote safer driving among fleets.

“The future of mobility is immensely exciting and brings with it opportunities for further innovation and advancement. However, it also brings risks that could seriously harm businesses, their staff, and the wider public.

“As a commercial motor insurer, we believe we have a responsibility to play our part in creating a safer transport ecosystem and partnering with Brake helps us demonstrate how serious we are about this.”

Poonam Sejpal, global risk lead at Zego, added: “Brake’s vision to help end the tragedy of road deaths and injuries are wholly aligned with Zego’s attitude and approach to reducing the risk of fleets across the UK and beyond.

“It is a privilege to have partnered with such an important charity and we are excited to see the impact we can continue making on road users.”

Ross Moorlock, chief operating officer at Brake, says that the partnership reaffirms Zego’s commitment to road safety, and it is delighted to have their support.

“Road crashes are devastating events for everyone involved, and we see this every day through the work of our National Road Victim Service, which supports almost 1,000 families every year who have been affected by road death and injury,” he added.

“It’s vital that drivers and fleets are equipped with the tools that will enable them to manage road risks better, and we’re pleased to see organisations like Zego providing fleet managers with data-led insights into drivers’ behaviours and encouraging safer behaviour on the road to reduce the likelihood of a collision.”

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