The Tamworth-based firm were exhibiting at the annual trade event for the 11th year in a row.

For another year running, leading co-polymer vehicle bodybuilders Strongs Plastic Products were a must-see exhibitor at the CV Show.

“This year’s show has been very positive for us – in fact, I would say it has been the best stand we have ever had,” said Glenys Strong from Strongs Plastic Products, speaking exclusively to FACTS Editor Joe Wyatt, on the company’s stand. “We received plenty of really encouraging interest from visitors and enjoyed meeting our customers, both old and new.

“A lot of return customers have come to see us this year – people we may have done work for before & they are coming back because they want something different.

“For us, the CV Show is all about getting our message out there to the industry. Every time we exhibit at the CV Show, sales have subsequently increased. While purchases may not always be confirmed on the day, the people and organisations we meet at the CV Show are influential decision makers. Down the line, they will remember where to come if they need some of the industry’s finest commercial Co-Polymer vehicle bodies.”

With over three decades of experience in plastic fabrication, Strongs are true innovators in the vehicle body builder sector. The diversity of vehicle bodies on their CV Show stand demonstrated the scale and versatility of the company’s product portfolio.

RAC Isuzu D-Max takes centre stage

Over the past 10 years, Strongs has focused on utility conversions on pickup trucks and this experience has been brought in to effect for the RAC. Due to reducing payloads now available on LCVs, the RAC needed a vehicle to fill the gap between its van fleet and its flatbed trucks. The vehicle needed to be able to tow stranded vehicles that fell above the RAC van fleet’s towing capabilities but did not require the expense and time required to call in a flatbed. Working together with Isuzu UK, Strongs developed an Isuzu D-Max that could carry all the equipment on the van fleet and also tow large SUVs.

“The body was specially designed for the RAC to accommodate their towing equipment,” said James Strong, Technical Sales Director at Strongs Plastic Products. “The remaining space was tailored to hold all the equipment required to help their members. The vehicle was fully tested at Mira with the Vehicle Certification Agency and meets all current regulations. 50 vehicles will be in service shortly with the RAC to help members get back on the road quickly and safely.”

BT Command Unit

A unique project for Strongs, an Iveco 4×4 BT Command unit featured on their stand at this year’s show. Designed to offer flexibility to the end user who may need to attend many different scenarios, the vehicle also needed to be able to access difficult areas and still perform its tasks on station for multiple days without access to basic utilities. The vehicle incorporated Strongs’ Co-Polymer body to offer fast routings of cables and efficient ducting of cold air to keep specialist equipment operating at peak performance.

“BT needed a vehicle body that would offer superior performance to what they have used previously but at a competitive price,” said James. “The Co-Polymer body offered BT significant improvements over traditional materials; these include enhanced impact resistance, improved corrosion resistance and increased flexibility.”

James continued: “The Co-Polymer body should outlast the chassis and can be transferred to a new one for a second life. Another advantage that Co-Polymer bodies offer is the fast speed of repairs; this means reduced downtime and more vehicle availability for the transport manager.

“With ever increasing demands on our communications network, BT are working to provide better and more responsible vehicles for their fleet customers. Of great importance was the ability of the vehicle to be 100% recyclable at the end of its life with as small an impact on the environment as possible. This was successfully achieved with the use of Strongs Co-Polymer body.”

Utility vehicle conversions – the alternative to fibreglass

Strongs also exhibited the latest version of their Full Body Conversion (FBC) at the CV Show this year. This body was manufactured with the use of a new lightweight material. As much as Strongs Co-Polymer bodies already offer improved payloads, the use of Foamed Co-Polymer in strategic areas offers further improvements. The new FBC offers a 50kg improvement over the original FBC which the team at Strongs is looking to expand upon. The Foamed Co-Polymer was developed by Strongs and its German material suppliers for the packaging industry and is now being transferred to many other industries, including Commercial vehicles. Together with this new material, the use of colour and textured finishes offers improved longevity and aesthetics giving customers a better corporate image. Always at the forefront of technical innovation, Strongs hopes to see this material utilised more widely over the next few years.

For more than 35 years, Strongs Plastic Products has maintained a reputation for high levels of service, innovation and quality. All interested parties should contact James and the team at Strongs Plastic Products today to learn more.

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