Maxxis photo100,000km out of a set of Maxxis Bighorn tyres isn’t “half bad”, according to electrician and refrigeration mechanic Bob Stokes, whose modifications to a 76 Series Toyota Landcruiser have been chronicled by Australian motoring magazine 4WD Action.

Bob gets to call on the off road capabilities of his specialist Maxxis mud tyres often during his travels to jobs in rural locations and is very impressed with their performance and longevity. Having already covered 80,000km, he plans on driving another 20,000km before replacing them.

“To get 100,000km out of a set of mud tyres is great,” says Bob. “I’m also happy with the size of the tyres; they are big enough to get me where I want to go without making the engine struggle

on take-off.”

As a result of advances in tyre technologies, mud terrain tyres now deliver improved on-road performance without compromising their traditional strengths and are a key segment within the Maxxis 4×4 range.

Pinned for studs and featuring a wide footprint, the Bighorn MT762 radial delivers a smooth ride on the road with superior grip off-road, especially in muddy conditions. Extra large staggered shoulder lugs improve traction on uneven terrain and the tough casing provides added puncture resistance, while deep tread blocks enhance the tyre’s self-cleaning capabilities and boost overall performance and stability.

Maxxis 4×4 tyres are available in a wide range of popular sizes from the UK’s largest tyre distributor, Stapleton’s Tyre Services.

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