Additional brake discs provide complete compatibility

TMD Friction, through its Textar brand, has extended its wide range of brake discs for the European commercial vehicle (CV) market, introducing an additional 10 new references for truck, trailer and bus applications.

The discs cover a number of popular European makes and models, with part numbers 93308700, 93193500 and 93101800 covering SAF Trailer; 93308800 and 93296100 being suitable for Schmitz Cargobull; 93272000 covering Volvo & Renault Truck and Bus; 93276800 being applicable to Mercedes Axle; 93145600 offering coverage across DAF Truck; 93291200 fitting Mercedes MP4; and finally, 93272100 covering Volvo & Renault Truck and Bus.

As braking is a safety critical product category, Textar recognises that the optimum braking result can only be achieved with brake discs precisely tailored to the brake pad, and therefore the new products complement its growing range of brake discs, accessories and wear indicators.

This results in a decrease in downtime as less time is spent repairing pad and disc wear and damage, ultimately providing increased value for money and total cost of ownership.

Utilising cutting-edge brake technology, Textar brakes are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort.

The Textar brake disc range is manufactured in strict accordance to OE tolerances and meets the ECE R90-requirements.

CV operators can find the products in the revamped online catalogue system Brakebook, which allows customers to create printable catalogues tailored to their individual requirements and in the desired formats.

Alongside the web-based version, the online catalogue is available via a free mobile app, which gives CV operators and distributors an optimised version of Brakebook, available for both Apple and Android phones. Like its web-based equivalent, the app shows images of brake product, enabling users to easily compare the measurements of a vehicle’s pads or linings to the phone’s reference.

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