AkzoNobel photoAkzoNobel has announced the launch of its new Fleet Program offering CV fleet managers a hassle-free accident management repair program, designed to cut VOR by up to 10%. Supported by the Acoat network of leading CV bodyshops, the initiative has already been well received by major fleets such as Morrisons, Calor and Weightlifter Bodies.

Any incident involving a fleet vehicle invariably means it will be off the road for repair – a process that costs businesses time and money. AkzoNobel’s Fleet Program addresses this problem head-on by providing a full repair specification whatever the vehicle type, an accident management program and AkzoNobel’s Acoat network of quality repairers.

The approach is designed to cut vehicle off road times (VOR) by up to 10% and reduce repair costs – along with the benefit of using the Sikken’s product range, which is renowned for providing high performance and sustainability. Added to this, corporate livery can be maintained globally and brand reputation protected at all times, something which is of utmost importance to today’s global brands.

The launch in the UK, which is part of an international roll-out of the Fleet Program, has been driven by AkzoNobel’s vision of providing customers with a competitive edge through partnership and first rate technical and management support. Convinced by the benefits of the program, leading CV fleets such as Morrisons, John Lewis, GB Oils, Calor, Waitrose, Metroline, and Veolia, to name a few, have already signed-up.

Garth Braithwaite, Morrisons Regional Controller for its CV fleet in the South of England, explained why Morrisons signed up to the fleet program:

“There were many compelling reasons for Morrisons to move to AkzoNobel’s fleet program. Their products are chromate free, sustainable and streets ahead of the competition, they have forward thinking repair methods and I can get comparable quotes from their trusted Acoat network of bodyshops to make sure I get the most competitive price and the best quality of work”.

Paul Ryley, National Sales Manager for Commercial Vehicles for AkzoNobel, added:

”CV fleets are often faced with a confusing variety of repair estimates, difficult to manage costs and inconsistencies in repair quality which impact the overall image management of the fleet. The AkzoNobel Fleet Program addresses these headaches and offers a one-stop solution to fleet managers giving them access to the best repair, via the best repair network using the best product – Sikkens!”