Damaged thread on a stud photo
Damaged thread on a stud – can cause a wheel detachment

Many people within the commercial vehicle sector are aware that the issue of loose wheel nuts can compound to result in wheel detachment. It’s a well-known problem, one that has resulted in studies to raise awareness of the dangers, along with solutions to improve the safety and security of the wheel which inevitably improves the overall safety of the vehicle for the driver and other road users.

It has been proven that poor quality, stretched, damaged or ill-fitted studs can be a cause of loose wheel nuts and/or a wheel detachment. Likewise, if the quality of the wheel itself, particularly of one or more stud holes, is below the required standard, the security of the wheel can be compromised heavily.

The advice given in the FTA Wheel Security best practice guide* reads as follows: “Whenever the need arises to remove a wheel(s) to allow for the repair of a part, e.g. replace a road spring, before the wheels are fitted all relevant components, e.g. studs, nuts, spigot, wheel etc, must also be inspected together with associated components for distortion, damage, dents, cracks, corrosion, worn stud holes and condition of the spigot mounting area. Inspect the condition of the studs (and their security), wheel nuts, hub, spigot and, where applicable, the brake drum. ”

New Checkthread® kit – showing each component

Companies are encouraged to act responsibly by having in place sound policies and procedures to monitor wheel security; to take action to locate and minimise/eradicate underlying problems that can result in accidents occurring. The new Checkthread® kit has been developed with these principles in mind.

Simply put, Checkthread® is a test kit designed to facilitate the monitoring of wheel stud quality and stud hole integrity, as well as to determine the correct nut type to be used with the stud. The kit contains four different sized Checkthread® testers, a Stud Hole Elongation Tool (SHET) and a spherical / conical (SPH/CON) stud hole seat tester.

Companies should use Checkthread® when servicing wheels, to help raise awareness of the critical nature of wheel security, its fundamental correlation with the quality of studs / stud holes and highlight problems to avoid accidents occurring.

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