Avon Tyres photo

Avon Tyres has launched the latest in its acclaimed range of van tyres – the AV11.

Complementing the AV9, the new tyre is available in selected sizes now, with an expanded fitment range coming later in the year.

Avon, a brand manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Ltd, uses the latest computer design technology to make the AV11 a ‘must-have’ accessory for commercial or private motorists who depend on the roadworthiness of their vehicles.

Designed with long life and durability in mind for typically high-mileage vehicles, the R-rated AV11 is currently available from Avon stockists in sizes 215/60R16 C, 205/65R16 C, 215/65R16 C and 235/65R16 C.

Among the AV11’s many features are robust sidewalls to cope with kerbing damage and a reinforced carcass, able to handle heavier than average loads. Meanwhile, the tyre also provides optimum wet-weather handling.

Nigel Hampson, sales and marketing director of Cooper Tire Europe, said, “We know that our van-driving customers often depend entirely on their vehicles for their livelihoods. For them, the choice of a tyre is far more crucial than the average motorist and that’s why we’ve designed the AV11 with those people in mind.

“The AV11 will stand up to relatively harsh treatment, be it heavy payloads or scuffing along kerbs and other obstacles that are the everyday perils of the average LCV. And, when it comes to inclement conditions, the AV11 ensures that a bad day of weather needn’t mean a bad day for your business.”

For more information: 01225 703101 or www.avon-tyres.co.uk