Facom, one of Europe’s leading tool manufacturers, is pioneering a premium range of high frequency and compact battery chargers designed to offer ultimate practicality.

The company’s SMART technology allows the charger to adapt during the process to suit the state of the battery without the need for any adjustment, allowing the user to recharge batteries without disconnecting from the vehicle.

The chargers also offer simultaneous diagnostics and charging, testing the battery condition before the charge begins for additional speed and flexibility and offering total vehicle protection of both the battery and electrics.

Alison Howard, UK Marketing Manager for Facom, said: “The new range offers consumers using a wide range of vehicles a compact tool giving fast charging with minimal effort whilst offering the protection the vehicle needs.
“The high frequency of the chargers allows automatic charging to suit the state of the battery, and can be used on the most deeply discharged of car batteries with a boost feature for completely flat batteries.”

Eighty percent of car problems are caused by batteries, which are the leading cause of complaint in new and old vehicles. In light of this, Facom’s battery chargers are designed to combat the many problems caused by battery failure.
The new range conforms to DIN 40839 – the international standard safeguarding against electromechanical disturbance – ensuring users can trust and rely upon the performance of the chargers.

Facom’s range of three battery chargers cover 12-24V batteries and prices start from £134.16. The BC124UK for 3-80AH, the BC128UK for 20-160AH, and the BC2430UK for 90-600AH.

The chargers are suitable for most types of vehicles, including hybrid cars, motorcycles, and caravans through to HGVs, PSVs and farming equipment.

For further information on Facom, or the SMART battery charger range, visit www.facom-tools.co.uk.