Research by insurance companies in the UK shows that in the winter months, almost half of vehicle collisions are caused by skidding on snow or ice.

This year, Vauxhall’s winter tyre programme is offering a range of winter tyres in the most popular sizes at great value, available at Vauxhall MasterFit retailers.

Winter tyres provide motorists with many benefits:

• Safety – greater grip and stability in cold weather

• Improved wet grip – tread pattern offers superior performance and reliability

• Reduced braking distances  up to 10% less in rain and up to 20% less in snow

• Performance – winter tyres work better under 7 degrees than summer tyres

• Practicality – ensures maximum mobility throughout all cold weather conditions

In cold weather, at around 7 degrees, the tread compound on standard summer tyres starts to harden and lose grip. As the compound used for winter tyres contains more natural rubber, they have better flexibility and grip if the temperature drops below 7 degrees.

The wider grooves in their tread pattern are more effective on snow and slush and provide additional traction. The high number of ‘sipes’ in the tread area create a large number of biting edges which interlock with the surface conditions and improve braking and traction/acceleration. They also fill with snow, which is beneficial as snow grips to snow better than rubber does.

Available at Vauxhall’s 380 MasterFit retailers nationwide, the winter tyres begin at a recommended retail price of just £45.60 per tyre. Four winter tyres fully fitted on a Vauxhall Corsa can cost as little as £182.40. A set of four winter tyres complete with new steel wheels can also be supplied and fitted for as little as £370.00.

Vauxhall MasterFit Marketing Manager, Belinda Craik said: “Winter tyres offer improved grip and stability in cold weather conditions, particularly on ice and snow. They are an important safety feature and we are glad to see insurance companies taking a sensible perspective on their fitment. Vauxhall MasterFit is offering motorists a wide variety of these tyres to suit a wide range of vehicles at great value.”

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