Dayco’s HD tensioners display the company’s expertise

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, is a major player in the heavy duty (HD) sector, where it supplies important original equipment (OE) components, such as tensioners, idlers, dampers and naturally belts, to HD vehicle manufacturers (VMs) across Europe and around the world.

The company’s engineering specialism endows Dayco with the expertise required to design and manufacture drive system related components, whether for OE or aftermarket, that best suit the needs of the application. An example of this phenomenon can be witnessed with the recently introduced HD tensioners for several DAF applications into its aftermarket programme.

“Dayco part numbers APV2812, APV2813 and APV3228 – a single idler pulley, tensioner and tensioner with idler assembly respectively, fit the popular DAF CF and XF Series applications,” explained Steve Carolan, National Sales Manager of Dayco UK and Ireland.

“The engine in these applications, which has been manufactured from 2005 onwards, utilises  two drive belts in the auxiliary system, the first a seven-groove alternator belt, which incorporates the separate idler pulley and tensioner and the second, a nine-groove belt that drives the water pump using the tensioner/idler assembly.

“It is worth noting, that there are two alternative belts for each system, dependent on whether the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning or not, so the correct replacement belt must be identified before being fitted.

“Another factor when it comes to auxiliary belts is the fact that, despite their robust design, they should be regularly inspected once the vehicle has covered 60,000 miles, along with any associated components. If any driven component, such as the water pump needs to be replaced, the belt should automatically be changed also.

“In addition, should the belt system become noisy, the cause must be investigated as it does not normally generate noise. Once the root cause is established, any worn component must be replaced to prevent unnecessary damage to other system parts. As a global leader in power transmission technology, Dayco has the OE quality replacement belts and components to rectify problems.

“Returning to these specific tensioner/idlers. In common with the other products in its portfolio, Dayco has brought its skills, knowledge and philosophy to bear in order to engineer an OE quality aftermarket solution that has undergone extensive durability testing and fully conforms to the performance criteria of the original part, which affords commercial vehicle workshops and fleet managers complete confidence and allows them to carry out a complete and robust repair.”

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