This book is the mechanic in your glovebox, essential for troubleshooting, identifying issues and suggesting roadside fixes for 101 common problems associated with Series Land Rovers – both on and off-road.

The user-friendly layout incorporates extensive cross-referencing, helping you rapidly diagnose a problem. Remedies for everything from sudden engine failure through to unusual sounds and smells are provided in topic-specific chapters, and all standard petrol and diesel engines are covered, with the exception of the V8. Some Land Rover models have their own specific weaknesses and these are also addressed, with thorough advice provided for permanent and more expensive repairs, and tips on preventative maintenance.

Featuring innovative temporary fixes learnt from years of on and off-road driving, plus over 100 diagrams and photograph, this book can help get you and your Land Rover back on the tarmac – or save you a long walk through the bush.

Land Rover Series I-III by Maurice Thurman

ISBN: 9781845840983

UPC: 6-36847-04098-7


£12.99, $24.95

• Maybe your Land Rover is making an unusual noise, has an odd smell or vibration? You can look it up in this book!

• Identifies 101 common faults on your Land Rover and their fixes

• What to carry in your spares kit for a quick roadside fix

• Over 120 photos, hints and tips

• Cross-referenced throughout, to aid rapid problem diagnosis

• Details of club back-up and support organizations

• Handy size to carry in vehicle


Maurice Thurman has been driving Series Land Rovers for over 25 years, with six of those spent in the rainforests of Borneo, driving in remote locations on former logging trails, and two years in Papua New Guinea. These were environments where Land Rover problems required quick diagnosis and often innovative temporary solutions.

Maurice has driven various vehicles across the Sahara, from the UK to Pakistan, and across Australia, in between undertaking numerous shorter, less demanding trips. These have enabled him to build up a good working knowledge of hands-on roadside vehicle fault identification and repair.

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