Standox photoFor refinishers wishing to produce the very best results, be it colour matching skills, paint techniques, SMART repairs, or simply ensuring they obtain a top quality finish on each and every job, Standox has the training course to make it happen.  

Throughout 2012 Standox is running a series of training courses at the Refinish Academy in Stevenage and, as Jodie Henly, Standox brand specialist explains, this year the emphasis is on colour: “colour and colour matching are of key importance at Standox which is why we have decided to run two colour-based courses this year, for refinishers wanting to understand the basics and those wishing to take their knowledge and expertise to the next level.”

Colouristic training

A two-day course which covers how colours are created, how to approach matching a colour and the correct process for changing a formulation, for solids, metallics, pearls and xirallic colours. Use of mixing scales and smart scales is also covered as well as how to work with the full range of Standox colour tools.

Three stage colour

This new two-day course covers the complex task of working with special effect paints, which are becoming increasingly popular with OEMs. It is also a requirement within the Senior Paint ATA accreditation.

Henly continues, “by special effect paints, we mean the ones that appear to change colour depending on the angle from which you look at them. As you can imagine, matching these finishes for a perfect result is a complex process and can prove quite costly and time-consuming if not done properly. For instance, the number of coats and their thickness play a vital role on the finished effect; learning these skills are just some of the things covered on this two-day course which, like all our training courses, is centred on hands-on experience. We believe this new course will prove to be very popular and I suggest anyone interested in attending should book their places quickly.”

The other courses Standox is running this year are:

Advanced Standohyd refinish

This is a two-day course which includes QAA assessment. It is aimed at paint technicians who are already working with the Standohyd waterborne paint system and would like to further their knowledge and skills. The course covers basic 3 stage application, blending techniques, working with more problematic colours and an introduction to the latest Standohyd products.

Micro repair

An increasing number of bodyshops are choosing to offer SMART repairs to vehicle owners as this procedure can reduce repair costs for minor damage by between 40% and 50%, while making full use of their resources and requiring no additional investment. The one-day Standox course covers the procedures and products needed to carry out Micro repair, with delegates learning all the theory and skills needed to master the faster throughput of small area repairs.

Henly concludes, “we have a great team of instructors at the Refinish Academy and their considerable expertise and know-how ensures that all the delegates who attend our courses return to their bodyshops with enthusiasm and confidence.”

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