Shropshire-based truck operator Maiden’s of Telford is continuing its successful partnership with Continental Tyres after selecting the manufacturer as sole tyre provider for a yet another year.

The company runs 55 commercial vehicles and 110 tri-axle curtainsider trailers on general haulage throughout the UK, covering roughly 8,000,000km annually, and each truck-trailer combination is fitted with Continental’s range of premium tyres.

Maiden’s currently run Continental’s HSR2 for steer and HDR2 for drive axles on its tractor units, while the second-generation HTL2 trailer tyre completes the range.

John Maiden, Managing Director Maiden’s of Telford, said: “Safety, cost and customer satisfaction are the three key priorities in our business. As a responsible operator, safety has a high priority and in these challenging times we need to look carefully at all our costs. Of equal importance is that we can’t let our customers down because of tyre failures.

“As a result we operate a strict tyre monitoring and management regime starting with our drivers being required to carry out daily visual inspections and report any signs of faults. This is reinforced by employing a dedicated tyre fitter who carries out more detailed inspections during the monthly safety checks, including measuring tread depths and pressures and when necessary, turning tyres on the rim, replacing or repairing them.”

As part of its tyre management policy, Maiden’s also maximises its tyre investment by taking advantage of Continental’s ContiLifeCycle and 360° ContiBreakdownService offerings. The former is the tyre manufacturer’s five-stage cradle-to-grave policy that can help reduce tyre costs – over the life of the tyre – by up to 25% through regrooving, retreading and regrooving the tyres a second time before disposal. The 360° ContiBreakdownService ensures Maiden’s is covered in the event of a tyre puncture no matter where its vehicles are in the UK or even Europe.

Maiden continued: “In 2010 we switched over to Continental HTR2 tyres on our trailers and monitored them very closely. We were very pleased with their performance over the past year and this led us to renew our partnership with Continental through 2012. We have found Continental’s products to suit all our applications from steer axles on our tractor units to Super Singles for several of our trailers as well as high-quality retreads that we use on lift axles.

“We have also found that Continental’s quality is good, and the back-up is first class, both from the local dealer, Truck Tyre Solutions, and nationally should we need repairs or replacements out on the road at any time of day or night. In addition, the ability to hold imprest stock at our premises and to have it checked and updated weekly by Truck Tyre Solutions, means that we always have the right tyres available.“

Under the new supply deal Truck Tyre Solutions will supply new Continental and Semperit tyres along with ContiRe remoulds under the proven ContiLifeCycle five-stage tyre management process.


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