Leading Irish bus and coach firm Bus Eireann is one of a long list of public transport operators to invest in vehicle lifts from Stertil Koni. Having used Koni equipment at other sites, nine new vehicle lifts have now been installed at Bus Eireannâ??s latest project – a newly-built depot in Galway.

Stertil Koni supplied three sets of ST1082FWF wireless mobile column lifts; five half-scissor, 25 tonne capacity Skylifts and a 24 tonne galvanised washbay lift for the bus firmâ??s new workshop.

Choosing mobile lifts was an easy decision for the new depot: they allow work bays to be moved around as necessary and provide maximum flexibility within the workshop or outside.  Also, as no mains power supply is necessary, the system can be used safely indoors and out. With Stertil Koni mobile lifts already being successfully used at a number of other Bus Eireann depots, the benefits were already proven.  As well as flexibility in where to use them, the liftsâ?? wireless set-up avoids cables running over the floor of the workshop and therefore improves health and safety, as well as giving unrestricted access to the underside of vehicles.

Stertil Koniâ??s Skylift is the ultimate heavy-duty lift in terms of efficiency, versatility and safety. Bus Eireann chose five 25-tonne Skylifts for the main work bays in the new depot and these were recessed to preserve workshop space and remove the need for long run-up ramps.

The Skyliftsâ?? ten-metre long ramps allow for the extra length of Bus Eireannâ??s tri-axle coaches. As the ramps are raised, in-fill plates plug the recess so that equipment such as oil-drainers and transmission jacks can be moved under the platforms for work to begin.  Also, the Skyliftâ??s lack of crossbeams gives full and open access to the underside of vehicles, making it safer and more comfortable for employees, as well as enabling servicing to be completed more quickly. These benefits are complemented by a generous lifting height of 1.75 metres which is reached in just 89 seconds.

To complete the new equipment, a 24 tonne galvanised washbay lift was added for the depotâ??s external steam-cleaning bay. This electro-hydraulic parallelogram lift is available in a variety of different lengths and lifting capacities, making it suitable for vehicles such as articulated buses and coupled tractor/trailer units. Stertil Koni installed the washbay lift as a drive-through process, with an under-chassis FDI jet-wash system in front.

Vehicles drive over the chassis wash and are then lifted up for easy steam-cleaning of any areas that may have been missed.

Tim Daly at Bus Eireann is pleased with how the new depot is working: â??The different Stertil Koni lifts complement each other and together have enabled us to put together a really efficient, productive and well-equipped workshop. Our experience of Koni lifts at our other depots has been very positive and we knew we were making the right decision to install them at the new Galway site.â??

Bus Eireann provides bus and coach services throughout Ireland, employing over 2700 people and running a fleet of over 1300 vehicles.

For more information: 01604 662049 or www.stertiluk.com