Refuse Vehicle Solutions photoAn increasing number of local authorities as well as private sector contractors are choosing to refresh their fleets with re-manufactured vehicles offering substantial cost savings of up to 40% over a brand new vehicle, and although not considered ‘frontline fleet’, these trucks make superb support vehicles or as ‘one off’s’ for specialist duties.

Gloucester-based company Refuse Vehicle Solutions (RVS) provide a cost effective alternative for the public and private sector, when purchasing quality used refuse vehicles, RVS has recently re-manufactured two NTM vehicles, which were purchased by two leading UK waste handling firms.

Spencer Law, RVS Managing Director said: “NTM produce excellent bodies of a very high standard. The longevity of the product is apparent when you purchase a vehicle that comes out of service after six or more years and once re-manufactured, can continue its life for a further 10-years or more. NTM bodies are incredibly reliable and in high demand, re-introducing a vehicle to the market prolongs its life and highlights the low cost life cycle of the NTM product. It’s also a testament to NTM’s vehicle support service.”

Grundon is the largest privately owned waste management company in the UK.  Grundon has 225 vehicles on its fleet 7.5 tonne and above and one of the latest additions to the stable is a 15 tonne NTM RCV, re-manufactured by RVS.  Grundon took delivery of the NTM body on a new DAF LF chassis post RWM, where the vehicle showcased on the RVS stand.

“This NTM vehicle, a K-Std 15 tonne compactor, was purchased from Manvik Hire and had completed six-years in service, we offered the vehicle out via our database and Grundon came back to us saying this was the vehicle they were looking for,” said Law.