Stertil Koni Skylift makes servicing easier and safer down under

An installation of two Stertil Koni Skylifts has ensured faster and safer servicing of buses, trucks and trailers for CablePrice at a new workshop in New Zealand.

Stertil Koni Skylift An installation of two Stertil Koni Skylifts has ensured faster and safer servicing of buses, trucks and trailers for CablePrice at a new workshop in New Zealand.

CablePrice is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of vehicles and equipment to the country’s construction, quarrying, mining, demolition, forestry and transport industries. The company offers nationwide comprehensive parts and servicing support and recently opened extensive new workshop facilities in Lower Hutt near Wellington. As part of an ongoing policy to improve safety at all of its sites, CablePrice has decided to abolish open inspection pits and this prompted the purchase of the two Stertil Koni 35 tonnes capacity Skylifts, model SKY-350.

One of the new Skylifts is operated as an express lift to simplify inspections and minor repairs whilst the other is used for more comprehensive work such as differential or gearbox removals. An almost limitless range of vehicles is accommodated by the Stertil Koni lifts including complete truck and trailer combined units up to 22 metres long. Furthermore, the Skylifts have been installed in a tandem configuration linking two lifts in a line. This unique feature enables CablePrice to operate the two tandem lifts as a synchronised pair or independently of each other which is essential when lifting articulated buses, trucks, semi-trailers and other vehicles with uneven weight distribution. Also, the four separate lifts may be used independently to enable four technicians to work simultaneously on four different vehicles at different heights thereby ensuring maximum utilisation and productivity.

Stertil Koni’s rugged and adaptable Skylift is a seriously heavy-duty lift that has been developed to offer a unique combination of efficiency, versatility and safety. The advanced hydraulic system is electrically-controlled using inclinometers to monitor vehicle weight displacement and ensure smooth synchronization between four lifting points. Three options for lifting capacity – 20, 25 and 35 tonnes – increase the range of specifications available and the generous lifting height of 1.75 metres (reached in just 89 seconds) offers comfortable working conditions for operators. The lifts also feature simple push button operation, programmable lifting, full lighting and foot protection.

CablePrice’s Regional Operations Manager, Deon Stephens, is delighted with the new workshop based around the Skylifts. He says: “It’s a huge improvement over the previous workshop with its open pit. At first, our technicians weren’t too sure about working under a truck being supported up in the air but now, given the choice, they wouldn’t go back – everything is so much easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re under 5ft tall or over 6ft, with everything being independent and computer controlled, you just set it at a height to suit yourself.

“Think about how much easier it is to remove a gearbox,” continues Deon Stephens. “Whether it’s a bus or an 8×4 curtain-sider for example – everything needs to be done from underneath. Drive the vehicle on, set the Skylift to the desired height then, when ready, roll in the air-jack, drop the gearbox and roll it out. All the while working from the workshop floor, with no time wasted climbing up and down. Anything you need can easily be rolled into place and working at a height that suits you. Now that’s efficient use of labour – try doing that with the old open pit system.”

The Skylifts were supplied and installed by Stertil Koni’s distributor in New Zealand – Sulco Limited. Based in Auckland, the company provides comprehensive supply, installation, parts and servicing for all Stertil Koni products.

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