TTC enhance popular Yuasa battery range

Yuasa battery photo

TTC has recently extended the competitively priced Yuasa battery range to ensure maximum availability.

Yuasa battery photoTTC has recently extended the competitively priced Yuasa battery range to ensure maximum availability.

TTC have also replenished stock to ensure they have high stock levels to cater for demands in the winter months. Cold weather accelerates the demise of a tired battery as the electro-chemical reaction slows and performance is reduced as the temperature plummets.

The Yuasa Cargo battery range is designed to handle the ever-increasing power demands of modern commercial vehicles and equipped with the reliability to deal with all situations and environments.

Key product benefits include; improved starting power, heavy-duty construction for extreme environments and special alloy composition. Today’s commercial batteries require greater power and cycling ability to cope with the increased amounts of electrical equipment used in these vehicles.

The CV market is flooded with low cost batteries based on automotive level technology, which offers good initial starting performance, but does not offer sufficient design durability to maintain adequate battery life for CV applications. Batteries photo

All Cargo batteries conform to the relevant section of EN50342: 2006 for maintenance free characteristics (LWL – low water loss). This means that when used in approved vehicle applications that operate in normal conditions, it is not necessary to add water to the battery. Cargo batteries are maintenance-possible not impossible ie the batteries are designed to be topped up if water loss has occurred.

Yuasa have used a careful balance between lower density, thinner plates for starting performance and thicker plates for cyclic durability. The Yuasa technical team, taking into account extensive commercial vehicle fleet trials and Yuasa’s global market experience, has developed this optimum design.

Tony Sackett, Managing Director at TTC added: “TTC strives to offer the whole package in terms of a leading brand, stocks from our warehouse in Crewe, excellent customer service and an outstanding delivery service topped with competitive prices.”

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