Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS) has taken the decision to escalate case 160, a complaint against Toyota First 5W-30 Fully Synthetic SN/CF Oil following months of investigation.

The case was first reported to VLS in November 2018, with complaints made about technically conflicting claims on the product which were not technically feasible. The claims concerned industry standards such as the ACEA engine oil sequences, as well as various different OEM specifications. The technical information also contained errors in the promotional material and claims made against obsolete industry standards.

VLS worked with Impetus Automotive Ltd, trading as Toyota First, to resolve the number of conflicting claims, remove reference to obsolete claims and present the product’s technical information in a compliant manner. The Technical Review Panel followed the VLS marketing claims procedure and asked for a copy of the Candidate Data Pack (CDP) for the product.

The named party failed to provide the Candidate Data Pack, putting them in breach of the ATIEL Code of Practice. VLS will, therefore, be reporting the company to ATIEL for breaching their undertakings under the ATIEL Code of Practice. VLS is also escalating the issue to Trading Standards as the claims on the products cannot be validated or verified. No evidence has been provided that the product is capable of meeting any of the claims made against it.

VLS Chairman Andrew Goddard said: “VLS cannot independently verify or validate that any of the claims made on the product have been supported by the technology provider either through appropriate and rigorous testing or that formal approvals have been granted. We, therefore, have to conclude that no evidence has been provided that the product is capable of meeting all or any of the claims made against it. As an independent industry trade body, it is our duty to uphold standards in the industry and protect end users. All products being sold on the market must be suitably tested and capable of delivering what they claim.”

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