European premium tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein is supporting a brand new event, the Scottish Taxi and Private Hire Awards, with its presence as well as vouchers for attendees and a prize for the Auction taking place on the night.

The company joins representatives from the taxi and private hire industry on a night to recognise and celebrate this unique transport sector.

Tyres have a significant impact on the cost, safety and efficiency of any business involving transporting passengers (as downtime due to tyre-related issues can be very costly), and Apollo Vredestein is in the perfect position to advise fleet decision-makers about their tyre management policy. Moreover, its ‘best practice’ industry profile is appropriately aligned to the sector’s continuous striving for professionalism and improved standards.

When it comes to acquiring tyres, usually the first point of call is the local garage or company used previously. Apollo Vredestein’s presence at the Awards encourages direct contact with the tyre manufacturer: its advice and support as tyre professionals can help taxi and private hire fleet managers understand the laws regarding tyres and safety, which are a company’s responsibility as well as the drivers’.

Benefits such as fuel cost-reduction, safety and longevity are issues on which fleet managers may seek advice, because finding a tyre with the right combination of those factors is imperative as tyres can be the third biggest cost to some fleets.

Apollo Vredestein, with its award-winning range of winter, summer and all-season tyres, is able to give invaluable insight into such an important choice: depending on the operational geography and therefore severity of weather conditions, which Scotland may well experience throughout the year, the use of summer tyres throughout the year could have a negative impact on safety and mobility in the colder months. A summer/winter tyre policy would give the best performance and safety, as the appropriate tyres are developed to perform in the specific conditions but is an additional cost. Given the high quality of premium all-season tyres, an all-season tyre policy would be a good compromise on a fleet with no special requirements, offering safety benefits during the winter as well as cost savings.

Joining the evening’s Awards is valuable networking for all parties involved.

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