TÜV SÜD performed benchmark tests and found the R002 outperformed competing tyres

The Duravis R002, Bridgestone’s ultra-durable tyres designed for all types of fleet vehicles, deliver best-in-class performance in the wet. This was proven by tests performed by TÜV SÜD – one of Europe’s most respected independent automotive testing institutes.

In benchmark tests that examined wet braking and lateral wet grip performance, Bridgestone’s Duravis R002 showed significant improvement from its predecessor, the R001, and outperformed competing premium tyres.

Outstanding wet performance

Developed and tested in partnership with 17 fleets across 13 countries, the Duravis R002 tyres were engineered to perform year-round on a variety of road conditions. This resulted in the tyres, which are winter ready, with 3PMSF markings – receiving a best-in-class ‘A’ grade on steer in wet grip. And now the renowned independent testing institute, TÜV SÜD, has found the Duravis R002 also delivers best-in-class performance in wet conditions.

TÜV SÜD tests compared Bridgestone Duravis R002 alongside Continental’s Hybrid HS3/HD3, Goodyear’s Kmax S/D Gen-2 and Michelin’s X MultiWay 3D XZE/XDE. The Bridgestone tyre outperformed its competitors in both lateral wet grip (with a mean lateral acceleration on wet circle of 3.18 m/s2) and in wet braking – with a braking distance of just 24.9 metres.

These best-in-class performances in the wet demonstrate an additional benefit in terms of safety for all road users in rainy weather conditions.

For maximum efficiency

Today, increasing demands on the transportation industry mean that fleet owners and managers need to maximise productivity and minimise operational costs more than ever. With a wear life that has a 45% improvement on its predecessor and a cost per kilometre that’s reduced by 15%, Bridgestone’s Duravis R002 tyres have been designed to help fleets lower their operational costs. Duravis R002 also offers optimised fuel efficiency, with a B-C-B combination in steer, drive and trailer.

Bridgestone Duravis R002 is available in 15 sizes and simplifies Bridgestone’s line-up in the versatility segment by replacing all existing products. Developed and produced in Europe, the new tyres mark a combination of a new innovative pattern concept and compound, and a newly improved manufacturing process.

Steven De Bock, Vice-President Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone EMIA said: “The Duravis R002 was engineered with modern day fleet challenges in mind. Cost and environmental pressures will always be front of mind for fleet managers, and we’re very proud to say that our tyres help to address those concerns. But safety will always be paramount – particularly in challenging road conditions. To hear that TÜV SÜD found the Duravis R002 to offer best-in-class wet performance is a great recognition for a tyre that has been designed to help fleets lower their operational costs while keeping them going and safe in challenging conditions.”

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