Giti Tire is continuing the rollout of its latest Combi Road compound technology with the next generation Giti GDR655+ and GDR665+ drive patterns, both which improve mileage by 30% versus the original tyres.

Classed as directional and non-directional respectively, the new composite also provides a reduced hysteresis and lower heat generation which has increased rolling resistance by approximately 10%. It also vastly augments retreadability properties.

Both new tyres are designed for regional and long-haul operations and deliver vastly improved regular wear and an optimised footprint. Each carries the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) mark to indicate excellent winter and all-season traction and braking properties.

The Giti GDR655+ Combi Road is initially available in 315/80R22.5 and 315/70R22.5, while the GDR665+ Combi Road starts with 295/80R22.5.

Giti Tire’s European R&D Centre in Hannover, Germany worked with the main company R&D Centre in Hefei, China to create the tyres. The four year project  including new high-tech raw materials evaluation, new prototypes assessments and extensive road tests with Giti fleet partners in Europe.

The tyres are manufactured at the company state-of-the-art facility in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tony McHugh, TBR Sales and Marketing Director UK at Giti Tire, said: “The new tyres, like all those introduced into the Giti range, are designed to maximize the total returned mileage by realising low fuel consumption with high levels of safety, durability and retreadability.

“In Europe the drive axle tyre remains one of the key applications in terms of volume and brand competitiveness, both the GDR655+ & GDR665+ mark a great leap forwards in what we can deliver technologically at a competitive midmarket price point.”

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