Snow, leaves, mud and slush. Welcome to the great British winter and the variety of challenges it throws at us

With the unpredictability of our climate, Hako’s Managing Director, Sylvie Giangolini, has a few wise words to help you prepare ahead of the inevitable winter woes.

“As we approach the festive season and the influx of Christmas shoppers, it is essential that councils, in particular, have the best equipment ready to ensure towns and cities are safe and easy to navigate around for pedestrians,” said Sylvie.

“Also, councils are having to make spending cuts and squeeze even more out of their tight budgets. Hako provides multifunctional and technical solutions for all cleaning and municipal requirements. The Citymaster range is designed with multifunctionality in mind, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.  

“Our range of Citymasters are capable of so much more than sweeping. They’re ideal for use in a variety of environments and provide all season solutions ranging from snow clearance and de-icing through to ground maintenance,” she said.  

Citymaster 600

The extreme manoeuvrability and articulated design of the Citymaster 600 means it can sweep debris from tight corners all with the flick of a steering wheel. The Citymaster 600 is more than just a sweeping machine. Its quick-change system allows the 600 to be converted to other applications in minutes (no specialist tools required) such as; snow plough or grounds maintenance. 

Citymaster 1250+ 

Next up is the Citymaster 1250+. At 2.6 tonnes it sits perfectly between the 600 and the 1600 and has the same multifunctionality as the rest of the range. The Citymaster 1250+ offers a full range of equipment to carry out winter service tasks efficiently, from fighting black ice through gritting or brine spraying to snow clearance with the snow brush and snow blower.  

Citymaster 1600 

Weighing in at 3.5 tonnes the Citymaster 1600 is at the top end of the compact sweeper range, with the added benefit of interchangeability with various year-round accessories giving it a multifunctionality incomparable in the market. The Citymaster 1600 benefits from being certified to EUnited PM10 levels and has standard eco operating modes helping to lessen the impact on the environment and minimise noise levels. It is highly appropriate for noise sensitive areas and can be driven on a class B licence. 

Citymaster 2200  

The largest solution in the Citymaster range is the Citymaster 2200. Boasting a payload of 2.9 tonnes of its 6-tonne frame, coupled with the travel speed of 62 km/h makes this Citymaster ideal for larger areas. Prepared for all season use and with the multifunctionality expected from Hako sweepers, the 2200 offers snow plough, snow broom and a full body gritter fully utilising the 6-tonne gross vehicle weight. 

Professional, Adaptable and Dependable 

“Our team of highly skilled engineers ensure the equipment we supply is maintained and serviced throughout its lifetime. Hako’s on call service and express spare part delivery guarantees maximum availability minimising downtime and each customer at Hako Machines benefits from their own dedicated customer support coordinator that understands that customer’s unique business requirements from beginning to end.  

“With a range of maintenance and finance options available, we are perfectly positioned to provide our customers with the flexibility and reliability that is so vital in today’s market,” said Sylvie.

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