Winter maintenance presents a unique challenge to service providers charged with ensuring roads and public areas remain clear and safe.

Icy conditions, often combined with debris and dirt thrown up by storms, create an annual headache that put a significant strain on the resources of authorities and agencies already feeling the pinch.

It’s a complicated issue that can pose major problems – and one for which increasing numbers of providers are turning to private operators as part of a multi-level solution.

The hire of municipal vehicles such as gritters, road sweepers and gully-emptying machines can deliver a timely and cost-effective short-term fix, both for organisations without their own specialist vehicles or those that need to supplement their fleet.

And because vehicles can often be booked at 24 hours’ notice, it’s a service that’s become crucial to carry out or beef up preventative measures as well as subsequent clean-up operations.

Phil Quelch, Chief Operating Officer at Go Plant Fleet Services, said: “We understand that investing in professional municipal vehicle hire is crucial to ensuring roads and pedestrian areas are safe during a cold snap.

“We’re also well aware that roads maintenance is an expensive business and that providers already facing significant financial challenges can be become severely stretched by the vagaries of nature.

“There’s also the ever-present requirement to ensure every service is delivered with safety and compliance in mind.

“With more than 40 years’ experience in providing specialist vehicles to local authorities across the UK, we know the pressures they face and how winter weather can throw up urgent need for support.

“But we have the scale and expertise to help providers keep even the busiest roads and public areas clear and safe.”

Go Plant Fleet Services strengthened its already extensive winter fleet last month through the addition of a number of new Schmidt Stratos III spreaders.

The company now operates almost 100 of the hi-tech machines across its nationwide network.

Phil added: “The new spreaders can be supplied supply in either a dry or pre-wet configuration, which is important to winter maintenance customers.

“The technology available, including Autologic and Winter Report, means we can offer brand new, state-of-the-art equipment that gives our customers peace of mind, plus the flexibility to use different drivers on alternative routes and optimise their available workforce.”

Thanks to the Autologic system, the spreaders can follow pre-planned routes and use only the amount of salt needed for any specific treatment. 

‘Winter Report’ enables fleet managers to see exactly where the vehicles have been gritting and how much has been used, ensuring all routes are being treated and creating peace of mind should any issues arise.

Phil added: “Sourcing vehicles from several providers can be a costly and time-consuming task in itself – and we know that if something goes wrong with one provider, then an entire operation could be delayed.

“That’s why we offer our clients a complete end-to-end solution which can be tailored to precise needs and budget.

“Our entire fleet of specialist vehicles, including powerful gully emptiers, gritters, road and pedestrian sweepers, is maintained to the highest possible standards.

“We have a team of qualified and professional operators if required, we can often provide vehicles at 24 hours’ notice and our fast response 24/7 fleet support means our experts are always on hand should they be needed.

“We can also provide advice and consultancy on the right vehicle for your requirements, whether you need to carry out snow clearing duties, de-icing or preventative spreading.”

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