A Yokohama tyre

Tyres from Japanese manufacturer Yokohama have long been renowned for performance and safety under all conditions. The marque’s expertise and reputation is also available to the light commercial market, with a range of three patterns aimed at van drivers across all conditions and circumstances.

First in the commercial range is the RY818 tyre. Aimed predominantly at the urban delivery user, it features a flat tread pattern to maintain grip and safety under all vehicle load conditions while the design ensures exceptional water clearance in wet weather.

Its construction means that it will withstand the daily rigours of multiple deliveries, with its specially-designed kerbing rib protecting against sidewall damage, as well as resisting wear and generating long life and hence, value for money.

The Y354 is intended for vehicles carrying out longer journeys and in a variety of conditions. It is classed as an ‘All Season’ tyre, meaning that it will cope with all extremes of weather, so the operator can continue working come rain or shine. With its M+S and Snowflake markings, it is ready for all possible winter conditions.

The tread design and rubber compound ensure that the tyre is presented to the road for maximum grip and hence, safety and performance under all conditions, including wet weather, snow and ice. The Y354 is a genuine ‘fit and forget’ tyre, allowing the commercial world to keep calm and carry on, regardless.

The third addition to the light commercial range is the WY01, a dedicated winter tyre designed for vans. Like all of Yokohama’s W.drive winter range, this is specifically intended for conditions where the ambient temperature is consistently below 7 deg C and provides superior grip and safety in these conditions during the winter months.

The tread pattern is designed to optimise grip on snow and ice, as well as wet and dry roads over the autumn and winter seasons.

All three van tyres are available in a range of sizes (12in-17in), to suit vehicles from small vans, such as the Ford Fiesta and Peugeot Partner right up to the largest light commercial, such as the venerable Ford Transit, VW Crafter and Renault Traffic.

For m ore information: 01908 625625 or www.yokohama.co.uk